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    what head gasket to run

    the motor is bored .060 over. rjc's bulletproof head gasket says its designed to run with a bore of 3.830 or smaller. im guessing .060 is larger so what's the best head gasket i can run?
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    car keeps eating turbos

    on my 3rd turbo now. the car runs for 30 seconds and the turbo is wasted. the exhuast wheel has messed up blades everytime and the intake side looks perfect. precision said something is going though my motor and trashing the exhaust wheel. so compression check on the motor was good then i...
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    Chrome turbo shield

    i need a chrome turbo shield that will fit a larger turbo. shoot me prices. thanks
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    hood will not block strait????seriously

    is there something seriously wrong with the hoods on these cars or what????the first hood i had was whiped with bondo, blocked and low spots kept coming up. the hood was blocked and primed several times...everytime looking no better than the first.stripped it and started the whole process over...
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    Rare oem AC Delco powermaster motor New in box

    those of you who have original cars and want to keep the powermaster this would be for you. This is an AC Delco powermaster motor still in the box. i was told it was one of the last ones available period when i purchased it. i paid good money for it. im not going to let it go cheap. im up...
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    powermaster problems help

    i have a stiff brake pedal and it will not push down...will not stop the car it has hardly any holding force.. anyone know what i should check? i tried the directions on the accumulator ball that said pump the brakes 10 times with the ignition on but car not running...well the line wouldnt...
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    aluminum front bumper support

    need aluminum front bumper support for 87 gn. shoot me prices
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    postons adjustable pushrods

    anyone know if postons chromoly adjustable pushrods are strong? the part on top with the threads looks like it would be a weak link and possibly break. anyone have any experience with these?:confused:
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    small block chev roller rockers on gn

    has anyone adapted small block chev roller rockers to fit a grand national? if so whats the trick
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    seat tracks

    for 87 gn need seat tracks for both drivers and passenger side. shoot me prices
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    42.5# injectors

    set of 42.5# injectors with low miles $100.00 shipped
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    84 monte carlo with a factory 231 v6 turbo??

    friend of mine use to own a monte believes it was an 84 that had a buick v6 231 turbo motor all factory. white with a gold interior and even had a bump on the hood similar to the turbo hood on buicks but towards the left side i believe.... i didnt know monte had that the turbo v6
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    what mass air flow to run?

    i believe my car has a stock mass air flow. as far as performance goes what is the best mass airflow i can run (combo in sig) is the translator or translator pro worth it? when you get a new maf do you have to get a new chip made? thanks
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    dash/console overlays

    does anyone make a dash/console kit maybe in brushed alluminum or something? let me know because i cant find it thanks
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    009 42.5# injectors for sale

    set of injectors 42.5#/009's for sale $120.00 shipped
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    009 42.5# injectors for sale

    set of injectors with relatively low miles...prob less than 8,000 miles. they are 009's or 42.5# whatever you wana call them. $140.00 shipped
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    t-top trim

    im putting my car back together (been apart for 2 years) and im trying to figure out how the ttop trim is suppose to look. i didnt know if it gets tucked up under the black metal pieces up top or goes around it. im someone could send a few pics from top view and side view it would be helpful...
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    steering wheel and aftermarket shifter to fit stock 200 trans

    looking for a stock steering wheel in great shape. no rips. i can dye it if thats the only issue. also looking for really any kind of aftermarket shifter for stock 2004r trans. let me know what you got
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    powermaster getting really hot??

    After re-doing the motor on my 87 i put everything back together and noticed the powermaster unit was getting really hot and actually smoking. i checked all the grounds and everything seemed to be hooked up properly. is that what happens when these things go bad? it seems like i ground...
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    passenger side remote mirror

    looking for a passenger side remote mirror that will fit an 87 gn. if you have something please pm me with a price. thanks