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    In tank rubber fuel line

    I'm getting ready to drop the tank and change the three rubber lines off the sender. I'm going to switch them to the gates barricade lines that can handle the ethanol in the gas. I'm thinking about pulling the pump and changing the one in the tank too. Is it 3/8" too? I know I need...
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    Two T Type wheels with Nitto NT555R tires IL

    Two ttype wheels with like new nitto NT555R tires 275 60 15 $400 Pick up only, I'm in Woodridge IL
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    Main bearings, rod bearings, gaskets

    I'm going through my engine for the third time. This time I'm putting the short block together myself. I had to pull the engine because of a rattle at 2000 RPMs which turned out to be three of the rod upper bearing wore out down to the copper. Engine had less than 800 miles on it. So I was...
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    Anyone have carfax?

    Looking at this suburban, need someone to run a carfax please. 1GNFK16T41J205920 Thanks, Tim
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    Drag shocks and Buick history

    Own two pieces of turbo buick history - kenne bell switch plate and plenum spacer $35 for both. Set of four drag shock from my 87 TR, only about 3000 miles on these but they are about 10 years old, $100 for the set of four.
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    Question about knock after letting of the throttle

    I have a 87 t that has a scanmaster and a casper knock gauge. Today when I was driving I noticed something that has never happened before. I would roll on the throttle a little to speed up from 45 to 60 mph hitting about 5 pounds of boost. When I would let off the gas and start to cruise at...
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    Trade my 84/85 intake setup for 86/87.

    I have this 84/85 intake turbo setup that I bought a few years ago but never used. This is all I have for a hot air car. Looking for an 86/87 intake in the same condition and a turbo would be nice. I would rather meet up and trade in person then ship it, I'm in Lemont IL
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    Longacre vs Fasttrax camber/caster gauge

    I'm looking to do my front end alignment on my 87 T but would also like to do my camaro and silverado when I need to. I'm looking for a gauge that can do 15-20" wheels. The longarce 78298 with the quick set adapter seems to fit my requirements...
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    surging while cruising

    My 87 T seems to have a real light surge while cruising. I can really notice it in 4th at about 50mph. Last night I was cruising at 50mph and it was surging, I left off the gas and then gave it about 1/4 throttle and it sounded like it back fired a little then it took off. It wont backfire any...
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    Radio brackets, ash tray and defrost switch panel

    Looking for original or factory parts for my 87 T, I need; Ash tray for the center console The stock radio brackets Lower right defrost switch plate
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    Need alignment, any good shops around woodridge IL?

    I just finisheded my front end rebuild with all new bushing, springs, tie rods etc. I would like to get a good front end alignment but can't seem to find a shop. Anyone in the burbs of Chicago recommend a shop that will do it right and not scratch all the parts up in the process? My plan B...
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    Replacing front suspension, upper ball joint questions

    I am in the middle of replacing my stock stuff on my 87 TR with a PST super kit. When I assemble the upper ball joint I put the ball joint through the top of the control arm, then install the boot on the bottom with the metal thing that slides over the boot, is that right? Do the bolts for...
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    Brake dust shield color

    I'm rebuilding my front suspension and I'm going to powder coat the control arms. I would like to powder coat the dust shields too. Does anyone know what color they should be?
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    Moog DS909, KYB 4513, Moog 5606

    Moog DS909 center link KYB 4513 front shocks Moog 5606 front springs Are these the right part numbers? I'm looking for stock ride and ride height
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    AC Delco center link 45B0034 good? bad?

    I replacing all of the front steering and I need a new center link. Is the AC Delco 45B0034 any good or is it a cheap made in some other place piece of poop? Any suggestions if this one in no good?
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    Calipers and brake line questions

    Had a great day working on my WE4, I couldn't get the rear rubber line off from the hard line on the body, I ended up stripping the fitting. I couldn't use the mityvac to bleed there rear brakes. I snapped off one of the front caliper bleeders and in general just made a nice mess. I'm...
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    1933 Pontiac strsight 8 engine oil

    I have a 1933 Pontiac with a straight 8 thats been sitting for about 3 years. It ran when it was parked and I would like to get it running this year again. I can't seem to find the weight oil that should be used in the older engines. Anyone on the forum know about these older engines or can...
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    searching for a car using the VIN, can it be done?

    I found the VIN number for the 70 chevelle SS my father bought new in 1970. He had the car a few years and then sold it, then he bought another 70 SS in 1977 and has had it ever since. I always thought it would be cool to find his original chevelle, be even cooler if I could buy it, and it...
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    turbo leaking oil on exhaust side

    My car has been sitting for a few years, only had a chance to start it here and there. I always discounted the ecm and cranked it to build some oil pressure before starting it. I started working on it recently, suspension and brakes, I've been starting it up and moving it and driving it around...
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    Looking for a new aluminum master cylinder, yes I've search

    I did the vacuum conversion on my 87 T many years ago and used a new master cylinder (part#10-1926) and booster (part# 5471243) from a 1987 buick regal. The master cylinder is cast iron and has started leaking and is rusty. I want to replace it with a new (not reman) aluminum one but I'm...