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    Engine Rebuild, looking for help

    I have started buying parts for my upcoming winter project and looking for help in the camshaft and torque converter department. I'm looking for a roller cam and on the torque converter, I don't know if LU or NLU is better suited for lots of street driving. This car will be 90% street driven and...
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    3 or 3.5" dump or test pipe

    3 or 3.5 inch test or dump pipe with flange to bolt to exhaust
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    Any Hybrids for sale ?

    Anyone have an intercooled hybrid they want to sell? Please PM me if you do. Thanks
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    1986 Rosewood T-Type 37k miles Astroroof, Twilight

    I purchased the car from the original lady owner who ordered it brand new. The car has some great options like Astroroof, Twilight Sentinel, and Digital Dash. The car has 37k miles on it and is rust free. No rust on the doors, fenders, quarters, floors, or frame, it is rust free. When the...
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    Anyone have a powerstroke intercooler laying around from back in the day with the metal end tanks?
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    WTB Bench Seat 86-87

    Are there any bench seat cars for sale near the midwest ?
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    Anyway to verify mileage on an original owner car?

    I'm supposed to pickup a car tomorrow from original owner. Is there a website that will show if the car has been in for service? I ran an AutoCheck and nothing shows up since it's never changed owners. I was hoping to find some way to determine if the car went to any dealerships or oil change...
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    TE-44 turbo, low mile

    Low mile TE-44 turbo with Garrett .63 housing. Very minimal shaft play. Ready to go. $400 shipped
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    Buick Golf Bag For Sale

    I have a Buick Golf Bag for sale. It is in very good condition with no rips or tears anywhere. It comes with the snap on rain cover. It is made by Nike. $225.00 shipped to lower 48 states.
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    Any rough 86-87 Turbo's in Indiana ?

    Anyone have a rough 86-87 Intercooled Buick in Indiana ? If so, please email me direct at Thanks, Jason
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    WTT 2004 Kawasaki Vulcan 2000cc cruiser for 86-87 Buick

    I am looking to trade my 2004 Kawasaki Vulcan 2000cc cruiser for an 86-87 Turbo Buick or ????. The bike has 38k miles, new tires and new pipes. Runs and looks great. Never dropped or wrecked. Any questions just ask. Value of the bike $6000.00
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    Looking for a Tuner at Buick Nats

    Looking for a tuner that can tune a Fast Classic and AMS1000 at the Buick Nats next month. My friend is wanting to bring his Mustang Hybrid with 3.8 and just wanted to try and line up a tuner to tune on Friday or Saturday during the test and tune. If anyone is interested or has recommendations...
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    looking for Exhaust System

    Looking for an exhaust system, either 2.5" dual or 3" dual or single or 3.5" single Please PM me with what you have, or email me directly at:
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    Forged Pistons and Forged Rods

    Looking for a set of Forged Pistons .030 either new or mint used Also looking for a set of FORGED connecting rods, stock length, for stock stroke steel crank.
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    Any low priced 86-87s in the Midwest ?

    Are there any 86-87 High Mile cars in the Midwest? Looking for NO RUST, high miles fine, any color fine. Please send me a PM or email:
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    NEW AC Delco Power Antenna

    New AC Delco Power Antenna, new in box. Part# 12355706 Most places sell for $200-$220 $150.00 shipped. PAYPAL PAYMENT PLEASE I can take a picture of the box if you like, just didn't see a point to take a picture of a cardboard box.
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    Ported Throttle Body & Belt Tensioner

    I have a great condition ported stock throttle body, complete, bought from a board member and never used. $75.00 delivered I also have a really nice stock tensioner, very clean and ready to go $50.00 delivered.
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    ECM or Harness

    All of the plugs look to be intact, with the exception of the 4 wires that are cut (see picture) ECM $75.00 shipped Wiring Harness $125.00 shipped
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    DUB Buick Homies Car Wash & Dub 1/24 4 pack

    $20.00 shipped each for the Dub Car Wash cars $30.00 shipped for the 4 pack