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    WTB a few engine items needed....

    I'm looking for the following parts for a 86-87 engine, harmonic balancer and flywheel, 20 bolt oil pan, dipstick, cam position sensor (whole thing) and a front accessory bracket. Shipping to 73111 Thanks Steve
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    Mark Parks and Rims/Tire

    Just want to thank Mark that the Rims/Tires were as described and I'm very pleased. Sorry it was a short visit, but was great to meet you. Steve
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    WTB GN Rear-End Needed

    Still looking for a GN rear end. I can p/u within a reasonable distance from Oklahoma City, otherwise I would need it shipped freight. Thanks in advance. Steve
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    Rearend for GN wanted

    Just found out my rear-end is junk and I need a replacement. I'm located in Oklahoma. Thanks Steve
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    Door, Window, Trunk Seals and window inner & outers

    Winter project is to replace all seals and the outer and inner felts/seals on the windows. Any consensus as too what is the closest factory replacement before I spend some coin? Thanks in advance. Steve
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    WB reading doesn't corrolate with O2 reading

    I just got my PLX WB installed in prep for a TT 6.1 chip and alky. Unfortunately, I got the Alky installed and WB installed and connected to the PL, but haven't replaced the fuel injectors to the new 60lb'ers and the chip because I simply ran out of time before the Buick vs Ford event. So my...
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    Haunted Forest Lane Cruise

    Anyone attending this Nov 1? They have a FB page labeled, Haunted Forest Lane Cruise.
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    What drag radial can I safely run on stock chassis?

    I currently am running a 235/60 15 tire on stock GN rims. I'd like to run a 28" tall DR tire and mount it my stock GN rims for now. Will a 28X9X15 fit without rubbing? What's the consensus on tires nowadays? Hoosier, Nitto, ET street?
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    Valley Pan interference.....Can't fully seat PVC Valve (Followup w/pics)

    So I have received my new grommet and PVC from one of the Buick vendors on this board, and it's very obvious "what's wrong with this picture" goes thru my head. You can clearly see that the old grommet is much bigger than what it should be, hence the PVC valve would go deeper and interfere with...
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    Valley Pan interference.....Can't fully seat PVC Valve

    I've got the engine out to replace my transmission and also to find out where my oil leaks are coming from. Engine is a fairly fresh rebuild, and I think a majority of the leaks where coming from the back of the valve covers not fully seating because I use the rocker shaft braces. Anyhow, I'm...
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    GN vs 535i

    So I'm out and about in the GN since it's a nice day out, and needed to run to the store. So I'm making a left and their's a BMW 535i in front of me and he takes the inside lane and I go to the outside lane as we turn left. I start coming around and he goes all in, whoa, this thing is quick, he...
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    Valve Cover choices?

    Trying to get some feedback on valve covers sold by our vendors who support us. I'm looking to replace my stock ones because I have to double up the gaskets because I'm using the shaft spreaders that sit on top of the rocker shaft to help distribute the clamping instead of using the bolt, so...
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    A couple of Challengers meet the "Dark Side"

    Needed to take the GN out and let her stretch her legs this afternoon since it's a beautiful fall day here, and I need some allergy meds in the worst way, darn ragweed :mad: So here I am sitting at the light and 2 black Challengers turn and are headed the same way I'm going and are messing...
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    Vette Fly-By...WTH???

    I won't call it a kill, maybe a frustrated newer vette owner, but on my way to Lowes to get some propane for tonights cookout I take my favorite freeway entrance ramp because it's so long and I can let the GN stretch her legs. Well today their's a newer vette behind me, I couldn't tell if it was...
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    Played with a New Dodge Charger RT8

    Coming back from the Home Brew shop this afternoon and I was being followed by a new Challenger RT8 down a one lane road. Up ahead it goes to 2 lane but had a truck in front of us, so I stay in the left lane behind the truck and he takes the right...just as I hoped, and he went by me coming up...
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    Burp...just had me a Shelby Cobra for Dinner, excuse me...

    So I'm headed home from picking up some coffee in the GN tonight and I decided to take the long way home. Well I'm getting ready to turn right and notice a newer Shelby Cobra sitting a the light....Hmmmm I wonder, so I make my right turn and sort of slowed down and sure enough, the guy gets...
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    Oklahoma Buicks St. Patty's Day get together 2011

    It couldn't have been a nicer day, mid to high 80's, sunny and the wind died down as the evening went on. Thought I'd share a nice pic of our get together tonight. So many GN's in one place and a GNX made it as well. Truly going fast with class..:cool:
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    What would be a good replacement for a TE61?

    Mine's got more problems than just bearings and I really don't want to dump good money into this thing, so I'm going to bite the bullet and find something to replace my 61. Been looking around and seems like the 6262 would be a very good option given my combo. Goals are to run mid to low...
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    How much in & out play on the shaft is acceptable?

    Been noticing more and more blue smoke from the tailpipe so I took a look at the turbo this evening. I've got a TE-61 and I'm noticing alot of in and out play on the shaft and I'm wondering it this could be a cause of oil getting past the seals and causing the smoke. BTW, the engine was...
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    No cold start until oil PSI reaches 15~20

    If the car has been sitting more than 8 hours, it will not start until it sees oil pressure. Once it starts, it's fine. It was starting fine after sitting, but now doesn't even want to think of it. I have checked all grounds, and has a new fuel pump relay, but my hunch is either the ignition...