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    1/64 Grand Nationals WTB

    I have 30 plus of the black con-cor Buick GN's new in the packages also have a large quantity of one of the Racing champions cars new in the package--I think I may have a full case Joe
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    Prototype GNX Stewart Warner 30lb boost guage overlays

    Correct, it did These overlays are prototype. Years ago I had about 10 Prototype Stewart Warner boost gauges that that had the GNX and Buick logos on them. You could probably find pictures of ones that I posted many years ago
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    Prototype GNX Stewart Warner 30lb boost guage overlays

    These are some RARE Buick GNX items I just found in a stashed away box from my extensive Buick GNX collection that took decades to acquire, but now I'm down to my last few things I am selling off. I don't know the backstory on these, I obtained them 15-20 years ago when I purchased many of the...
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    Collection of 32 "Gold Club" GMP/Epitome Exclusives Buick Grand National Diecast Collection

    Collection of 32 Gold Plate (where applicable) GMP / Peachstate / Epitome Exclusives Buick Grand National Diecasts with a full set of 11 signed lithographs, trailer, semi's, lifts etc. This is set #004 which is the very 1st set made available for sale. (Per Ted Hirsh owner of Epitome...
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    Anyone know who runs

    Trying to get a hold of them. Thanks Joe Harrington
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    GMP Diecast Cars For Sale

    Ted, sent you an email, is the email you have listed still good? Joe
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    GNX Correct repro Center Cap Decals

    FYI, They were not copied at all, the one's GBodyparts has are NOS. If he is out, I have a few sets left for sale. Joe Harrington
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    FS: Original GNX SW Tach and Speedo

    It does not get any more real than this. Joe
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    FS: Original GNX SW Tach and Speedo

    From the photo, the speedo does not appear to be out of a GNX. Reason? Where is the notch for the speed sensor? As I recall, the bracket is also modified to allow room for the speed sensor. Joe
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    Reproduction GNX turbo cover for sale

    It's one of mine. I recognize the packaging. Joe
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    Found another 87 GNX for sale - 2700 miles though

    Actually it was July 23rd 1999 with 1102 miles. Got the bill of sale right here in my desk drawer. I sold a few years later still with 1102 miles on it. Joe
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    GNX ,Prototypes,Parts,Build Info, EXC

    Hi Rick, Was wondering if you could provide us with info you have on Ron Nash Engineering's role in development of the rear end hardware? Thanks Joe
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    GNX wiring diagram for dash

    It's a tad more complcated than just having the connector hood. I have the connectors and molds but the connectors are useless by themselves without etching 2 pc boards, soldiering the wires of the correct lengths, then epoxying the pc boards to the inside of the connector hood. I made...
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    GNX wiring diagram for dash

    Here is a photo of a completed harness from my website.
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    GNX #375 On EBAY

    My thoughts exactly, but I could be mistaken. I will do a check, but I sure thought I bought all the 375 cars for obvious reasons, or at least I thought I was buying all the 375's that were released Joe
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    GNX #375 On EBAY

    Hey Tom, And I have photos of when I bought it from Tom with 1102 miles and photos of when I sold it with 1102 miles I thought I was told that I had all the Diecasts numbered 375:confused: :confused: I'll have to go check and see whats up!!!!!!
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    GNX #375 On EBAY

    FYI, contrary to what is stated in the ad Kirbin never touched that car, only to take photos of it. I personally installed the aftermarket parts. A few details are not quite correct. Underside looks as clean as it was after I spent 100's of hours cleaning it. The gas tank is NOT painted...
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    Epitome, please help!

    I think I may still have a whole case of those Tweaked cars. Email me if you need one. Joe
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    New reproduction GNX turbo cover on ebay

    I see that the last one that was sold by this person used my name eBay Motors: **BRAND NEW**BUICK REGAL GRAND NATIONAL GNX TURBO COVER (item 180273292089 end time Aug-05-08 04:31:58 PDT) This one has left my name out. hum????????? FYI. I'm investigating an issue that was brought...