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    Selling some of my guns

    Hey guys, I am selling part of my collection. Sig p220 .45 acp, 2- Sig 229's .40/.357sig, Ruger lc9, Ruger GP 100, Ruger SBHH .41 mag, Ruger SBHH .44 mag and EAA 38 Super match. If anyone is interested in anything, shoot me a PM.
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    MY new ride

    Hey guys, it's not a TB but it is Supercharged. It only has 16k on it. It still has that new car smell.
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    Testing interest on go fast parts

    I thinking of going back to my stock set up and selling the car. I might be selling : champion irons/intake 206 roller cam/lifters/push rods Pac alky kit 3 thdp/with 02bung WBTT 6.0 chip AEM WB o2 60lb inj stage 3 Vince Janis built billet roller 2004r Vigilante 3000 5 disc lu...
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    Turbo showdown results

    Hey guys, has anyone posted the results of the turbo showdown between the fancy new turbos vs the old school stuff? What happened?
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    Mtdr 255/60/15

    Hey guys, what kind of times are people running on the 255/60/15 MT drag radials? Thinking of getting a set.
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    15x8 stock GN wheels

    Anyone have a set of widened GN wheels they want to get rid of? I am looking for some.
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    white ttype vs mustang

    Hey guys, does anyone have the link to the White 7 second T type vs a black mustang race car?
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    My new dog

    Hey guys here's my new dog. He's a 1 yr. old male Australian Cattledog/Blue Heeler. Chris
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    Bumper Fillers

    Where's the best place to get bumper fillers at a good price?
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    Need 2 GN rims

    I'm looking for 2 stock GN rims in good shape or a set of 8 inch that someone is getting rid of.
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    Ufc 94

    Who do you guys like, Penn or St. Pierre? I hope Penn wins. A win by submission would be cool. They are both top level fighters and they do not like each other so it should be a great fight.
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    15x8 GN rims

    Looking for a set of 15x8 GN rims.
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    Neal Chance Converter

    Is anyone using/used a Neal Chance converter in their Buick? I hear they are really good converters.
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    Skyline GTR

    Hey guys, I saw a stock Skyline GTR go 11.53@120mph in Gainesville 2 weeks ago. It was moving.
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    6262/6265 Turbo

    Anyone using one of these turbos? Which version BB or JB? How do you like it? Which converter are you using? I have a te-60 now and was thinking of getting one of these. Chris
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    Champion block

    Any updates on the Champion block?
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    POS broke again!

    I broke something last night. I thought it was a head gasket and it still might be that also along with other stuff. I heard a loud pop and lots of smoke poured from the car. The car died and has no compression at all when I try to start it. Maybe the timing chain broke, I'm not sure at this...
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    hydroboost brake system

    Hey guys, who sells a hydroboost conversion kit and how hard is it to install? Chris
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    Janis Transmission

    I took the car to the track last night in Gainesville. 1st trip with the new Janis built 2004r. My car makes over 500rwhp. I made 5 passes. The tranny worked great. If you need a great transmission, get in touch with Vince Janis in Ohio.
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    New best in Gainesville

    Made 5 passes tonight at a T&T in Gainesville. My best was 11.25@121.83mph. That's a new best for my car. My best 60 time was only 1.7 seconds. I know if I can get the 60's down I can hit a high 10. I am happy with the car. All runs @ 23psi and 23/23 timing. 1st pass-11.45@121mph 2nd...