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    Is anybody reproducing these? Both of mine as trashed. Looking for replacements
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    Looking for driver quality 87 turbo t grey horn button with the medalion. please send a pic and price if anyone has an extra. Thanks
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    Trans cooler line clip that bolts to oil pan

    Does anyone have a picture of one and/or an extra one they'd be willing to part with? Mine is broken at the bolt hole bend. I'd like to fix it if I can but have no reference to go by. Any help is appreciated.
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    Passenger side spark plug wire bracket

    Need the bracket. Mine is long gone. Thanks
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    Casper's engine harness install

    Does anyone have any pics of how they ran theirs? looking to compare routing and any tips would help as well
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    Fuse panel to tail light aluminum wire harness

    Need a good used one. Mine was cut by previous owner. Thanks in advance.
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    Chip ID help

    Can someone break this chip down for me. I know its not stock but that's about it
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    Aluminum wire intermediate harness

    looking for a good harness reasonably priced. I haven't been able to come up with a good one at local junk yards
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    Good shop in the OKC area

    My car needs more work than I have the skills for so I'm looking for help. Any suggestions would help.
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    Looking for a good restoration shop OKC area.

    Like the title says I have a 87 T type that I want to have restored. Sadly I can't do it myself. Any help is great.
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    need pics of shaved drip rails

    I'm thinking of shaving the drip rails since I've already changed the roof skin. Looking for in process pics and or advice on how to go about it. Any help would be great.
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    Trans inspection cover and bolts

    Looking for a cover and bolts for an 87. Thanks
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    Inspection cover part number

    Does anyone have a good part number. Going junk yard hunting to hopefully find one. Thanks in advance.
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    Defrost back glass

    Looking for a driver quality back glass to replace the one I broke. Thanks in advance
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    Roof skin interchange

    I'm sure this has been many times but going to ask anyway. Are all G body roof skins the same? My 87 T Type needs a new roof and I'm looking for advice/help. Thanks in advance.
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    Looking for stock compressor wheel

    Like the title says i need a stock comp wheel. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance
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    Replacement Wiring harness's

    Would like to see factory replacement and/or upgraded harnesses for dash, intermediate and tail lights.
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    Looking for 86-87 regal frame

    In need of a replacement frame for my 87 T Type. I'm in OKC. Would like to get one close if possible. Thanks
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    alternator not charging battery

    The light in the dash quit working so I changed the bulb. Still doesn't charge With car running scan master on reads 11 volts and drops as I drive, instead of 13.5 or so Had the Alternator tested. works fine. Ran a multi meter across the volt bulb socket. getting 11.5 volts through the socket...
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    Rough idle park and drive. off idle everything okay.

    Already replaced the IAC valve and O2 sensor didn't seem to help. Can't find any kind of vaccum leak. Runs great off idle to full throttle. Just stumbles then goes. Any info would be great.