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    Lower and Upper Speedo Cable Needed

    Especially need a lower speedometer cable for a 1987 GN with analog speedometer, but also interested in an upper one too. Not looking for the replacement one piece or one that has the ends marked up with vice grip scars. If you can help please let me know.
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    Best Paint Choice to Match Factory Black?

    I have a 1987 GN with original paint that I would like to do some touch up on. I had a body shop do some minor work a few years back and it looks brown under certain lights. I would like to fix this. What is the best choice of paint for a correct black that is as close to original as possible...
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    DIY: Prep and Paint New OEM Style Bumper Fillers

    I have a set of reproduction OEM style bumper fillers that I would like to try and paint myself. What's the best way to do it? What products do I need? I would like to do it in single stage acrylic enamel or urethane unless I just shouldn't. Thoughts, tips?
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    E85 in a stock car

    I have a stock 87 GN. The only changes from stock are a turbo tweak street chip and a 237 FPR. I have an E85 station near me. Could I get any performance increase if I run any E85 in the car without making any changes from stock or would it be harmful or detrimental? If I can run it, can I...
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    WTB Good TA-49

    I'm looking for a good TA-49 with no issues. If you can help please let me know.
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    Cruise Control Troubleshooting

    I swear my cruise control worked last time I checked, but today it didn't. Master switch on, hit the button on the end of the turn signal and nothing. Everything looks hooked up. Where do I start?
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    orifice tube direction

    Which way is the orifice tube supposed to go in the evaporator inlet tube? Is the long end supposed to point toward the drivers side or toward the passenger side? I've been reading various a/c write ups online and I'm confused now as to how the refrigerant flows in this system and how...
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    Too much oil in A/C system what now?

    I recently redid my A/C with new parts and converted to 134. I have gotten too much oil in the system which has bogged it down and prevents it from cooling like it should. What can I do to fix it with as little additional expense as possible? I have access to refrigerant, oil, manifold gauges...
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    Complete repaint, partial repaint, or sale?

    I am working on a 1987 stock under 10K mile original. It has original paint that is in good shape with the typical characteristics of thin paint, dirt and garbage that GM added at no charge from the factory. This is original I know and that seems to be where the value and emphasis is these...
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    Noticeable drop in power when A/C compressor engages

    I just redid the A/C on an 87 turbo buick. New comprssor, accumulator, orifice tube. It works well and is cold but I can really feel it engage and disengage like it puts a good load on the car. When it disengages its like it gets more power and a load is taken off. Is this normal? It's been...
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    Transmission fluid leak at radiator drain petcock

    I've got my 87 turbo buick pretty much leak free except I keep finding transmission fluid accumulating at the bottom of the radiator drain petcock on the passenger side. It's a small leak and doesn't drip on the floor, but it is red and dripping from the petcock. It has an auxiliary...
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    Rattle on Passenger Side of Engine

    If I rev up a little from idle I get a rattle sound from the right side of the engine. It's loudest right under the turbo. Any ideas on how to quiet this down?
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    A/C compressor noise when A/C off

    Redid the A/C on my Turbo Buick with new AC Delco compressor, accumulator/drier, and orifice tube. It works great and is nice and cool. When I shut off the A/C with it running and the clutch disengages it makes a metal on metal sound grinding rotating sound. There are also shavings on the...
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    Going Through A/C System Need Help

    I want to get my A/C system working well. The compressor leaks so I need to replace it. I've purchased a new accumulator/drier, orifice tube and compressor. I removed the old accumulator and orifice tube. The orifice tube has a lot of junk in it's screen and the accumulator is basically dry...
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    K & N Cone Filter VS. Stock Airbox Dyno Test

    I'm sure this has been done but I can't seem to find any results. I am wanting to remove my stock airbox and replace it with a 9" K&N cone filter. I was wondering if anyone has ever dynoed a stock car with a stock airbox and then with a cone filter. I would like to know about how much of an...
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    Scanmaster O2 WOT readings

    I have a completely stock car except for a 237 regulator and a turbo tweak chip. I've done a couple of WOT runs and get O2 readings in the low 700s (714) but no knock retard. Is this ok?
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    Refinish GTA Wheels Any Recommendations on Who?

    I would like to have some Turbo Trans Am GTA wheels refinished back to their original luster and with all the rash, chips and scratches removed. Any recommendations on where to take them or who to send them to? I live close to Arlington Texas.
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    WTB NOS Black Hood Molding and B Pillar Molding

    I'm looking for an NOS metal hood molding that goes on the rear of the hood and also a left B Pillar Molding both in black if you can help please let me know.
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    Wastegate Rod Length and Boost

    I have a TA-49 turbo and I'm not for sure what boost is set at because I think the boost gauge is no good. It's mechanical but it just doesn't seem to read right. The car sounds like it is under boost but it will read in the vacuum range or around zero and then give it a little more gas but...
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    Engine Ground Wires

    Are there any pictures of where the engine ground wires are supposed to attach to the back of the passenger side head? Are they located closer to the top of the engine, bottom or both? What is the best way to get to these wires, what do you have to do or remove to see and get to them?