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  1. androboost4

    Question on Heater Core replacment

    As the add and pic shows anybody got one ?
  2. androboost4

    Low fuel warning module

    Never installed. $45. Shipped US or Canada only .
  3. androboost4

    TR 6 used with a ECU GN and CNP.

    This may seem basic for some , but I am looking for info what I need for Harnesses, connectors, and plugging all three together . I am building a hybrid . Want to gather all the right pieces . Anybody have layout of the wiring harness placement ?
  4. androboost4

    Wanted: set of H beam rods w / press fit pins

    Anybody willing to part with a set . Must be in good condition .
  5. androboost4

    Factory rods with ARP 1.7 long bolts

    I’ll throw this question out there , I have build going on with stock rods , so before resizing them I installed ARP # 123-6002 bolts , as it turns out these are about .200 longer than the stock bolts . As I found out too late that the shoulder right above the threads can and does contact the...
  6. androboost4

    ECM Chip, stock or,, Wanted for bench testing .

    This is only for setting up a run stand, I bought a ECM but it came with no chips. let me know what you have. Thanks guys , I found whatI needed.
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    Looking for Roller rockers that fit TA SI heads
  8. androboost4

    83-85 Riv . Chrome road wheels

    Looking for a set of Riviera chrome Rally or might known as road wheels for 1979-1985 E Series. Believe they maybe options from 83 to 85. PM me what you have .
  9. androboost4

    Who made these valve covers ?

    :barefoot: I bought these from a board member but did not got that info !
  10. androboost4

    Riveira ,20 bolt pan.

    I know it's not a TR, but it is Buick, HA Riv, and I need good 20 bolt pan! Any body ?..
  11. androboost4

    TURBOGRAY As Promised excellent Harness,

    thumbs up, thanks again, not disappointed with 29 year old complete harness ! Perfect for my Hybrid Project .
  12. androboost4

    Limited v6 Tumbs up, Great seller

    Intake as claimed complete and great shape ! Shipped quickly with all pieces there!
  13. androboost4

    Looking for a 160 tooth SFI wheel & a steel balancer

    Anybody with these parts , or know of send me a PM. Price and pic's too.
  14. androboost4

    14 Bolt Girdle

    A Stud kit also, must be flat , not warped.
  15. androboost4


    Is there anyone that knows how to remove a headlight knob from the switch on a 84 HA Riv. Doug.