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    Brand New line lock

    New never installed line lock. Sold the car and just found it while cleaning out my garage. Paid $108 selling for $80 shipped. Buyer pays PayPal fees.
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    Brand New boost/vac gauge. Hood ornament

    Brand new Speedhut boost/vacuum gauge that I never installed. Car is long gone. Paid $160. Silver face day/geen at night. Asking $85 shipped. Hood ornament taken off at 70k miles. $50 shipped. Buyer covers PayPal fees.
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    3.8 Turbo Hood Emblem

    Used but in good shape. I am looking for $150 shipped anywhere in the lower 48. Please text me as I don't come online too often. Sold my car and just found this in a wall locker. Selling at about half price of what I've seen online. 850-532-7544. Thanks Dustin
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    Header panel

    Looking for a solid header panel. Thanks
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    Interior T Top plastics

    With 3D printing, is anyone looking at reproducing interior plastics?
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    U Joint Part#

    Bought and installed a new U Joint from Advance. Sold me the incorrect one. Will someone please post the correct part# for a stock replacement. Thanks
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    Knock Guage and Column Scanmaster Stand

    100$ shipped for both or make offer for either or. Thank you.
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    SD2, Powerlogger, ECM, Scanmaster 2.1

    SD2 setup for sale. Limited use since purchased. Everything works as it should. Asking $550 shipped for everything. Thank you.
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    TTA Emblems

    Not sure if these are Repro or OEM. Asked the TTA guys and got conflicting answers. I bought them from a guy who had them for the last 10+ years who said they are OEM and told me why. They are mint and untouched. They only thing not mint is the peg for the nose emblem broke off. It will be...
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    Vacuum block with brake port

    Looking for exactly what I stated in the title. Old style vac block with the provision for vacuum brakes coming off driver side. Thanks guys
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    TTA Emblems

    Hey gents, what is the value of a full set of OEM Emblems for the TTA? Not the stickers, only the metal emblems. They are NOS. I have an opportunity to purchase, and will sell them to someone that needs them for my cost plus shipping. I don't want to overpay and get stuck with them.
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    Floor Pan Restoration POR15 Trunk/Floor Pan Kit

    After a few years of having to store my 87 T under a tarp in Florida, I knew I would have some issues to fix. Now that I have had my house built and my T is in it's permanent stable, I pulled the carpet and went to work. This is how the pan looked after I pulled the rug to assess the damage. The...
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    PS Locking Interior T Top Trim

    Mine is broke off near the front end. If you have a good one for the passenger side that is not cracked or brittle, please post a pic and price. Color is irrelevant. Thanks.
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    Where to buy new carpet?

    Highway stars? Or should I look other places as well?
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    Delete A/C keeping heat question

    What are the options for A/C delete and keeping heat? Or adding heat once everything is deleted? I have seen that G Body sells a kit, does anyone else sell it? I am not interested in trying to sakvage the AC, too expensive and I dont drive it in the summer much.
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    Heads vs Cam

    Should I go with a roller cam set up or heads first? Obviously looking for whichever will get me the most power gains. Can only afford one or the other at the moment. Labor is not a factor. Thank you.
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    Rear End Girdle

    Looking for a clean girdle. Let me know what you have.
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    HD Wastegate Actuator

    About 6,000 miles of use since 2009. I went with an external on my DP. This thing works great. Ran it with a 6262 and THDP. $30.00 shipped plus 3% payal fees. Thanks
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    Hutchins water bug pneumatic wet sander

    Bought new in 2010 never used. $200 shipped. Thanks
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    Known good original MAF off 73,000 T.

    Came off my 73,000 mile T when I switched to SD2. It's cosmetically in good shape and I had no issues with it. Car ran perfect. I'm asking $85 shipped. Thank you