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    Why does,"Oops! We ran into some problems" everytime I click on a file attachment?

    Anytime I want to look at or dowload a file I get ...Oops! We ran into some problems.... Does anyone know how to get past this issue?
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    Is there anyone out there willing to review a fast File and help get it close?

    I have a 109 block, stock pistons and stroke, a large cam, 140lb bosche injectors. 93 oct gas.It runs but very rich. My plugs last about ten minutes and foul out and idle afr is around 12. Im not looking for a freebe.
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    A Fast XFI stumper

    I have an older (07) Fast 2.0 which powers a 4.1 with good can roller lifters and rockers, aluminum heads, etc. I have a problem with my CTS and ATS not tracing the RAW voltage from the sensors. I have verified the sensors are working, tested vIf i have 2.33 on the RAW cts the voltage on...
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    Timing issue with fast 2.0

    I have a 4.1 with Fast 2.0, and a tr6 ignition. I checked the crank and found the mark to be 4 degrees off. I tried to verify the 10 degree timing setting as required, I have the fast on Buick and the reference to 10 deg. RPM is 900, I do not see a mark at all. I set the reference to 20 degrees...
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    changing fuels

    If I go from running E85 to 93 octane would I have to change injectors? Mine now are 140lb DW.
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    95lb injectors needed

    Im going from E85 fuel to 93 octane so I have to downsize my injectors. I have a set of DW 140lb injectors (from arizonagn) which I whish to trade for 95lb (must be good brand) + cash?
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    Limited purchased from Nick Micale This was the limited I spent my hard earned cash on THINKING Nick was a good person to buy from. First, He never aswered my question, "is the title clear" untill after I commited to buying, I then found out it was a rebuilt title. So I...
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    What injectors do I have?

    Due due to the previous owner of my Buick being untrustworthy, I thought I would ask the trustworthy crowd here. When I purchased this car a previous owner said it had 220 lb injectors in it. I can't seem to find any information on them. They look like Bosch to me, but I couldn't find any...
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    White T-type

    Does anyone know this white T on eBay, in Staten Island NYC. Been on there a while and it seems nice. Any info on it? the vin is 1G4GM1171HP436682
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    1987 Buick , Florida car in NY, column shift, 60/40 seat

    [ This couch is above the typical driver standard as well and its offered at an excellent price. The turbo also spools up nicely and this one is a very fast vehicle for enjoying around town. Has 3 inch pipe, super stretched intercooler, pump boost, 60 lb injectors, snows methenol...
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    76 Vega pro street, Not Tubbed! #17,500. or trade + cash

    My phone number is 585-394-7881 after 3pm Here is a video of the car with normal aspirated carb, now has D-SC1 and Pro Carb on: YouTube - 1967 Vega, 385, Suprecharged For Sale is My Four year project, my 1976 Chevy Vega. It came from Ohio and has only 18,000 original miles on it. Included...
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    Anyone know this car?

    Does anyone know this t type or the owner. Im trying to set up a long distance deal (Arizona to NY) and he doesnt want to use an escrow company because he doesnt want to release the car w/out cash in hand. I said he...
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    Anyone looked at this T type

    Has anyone take a look at this car. It looks nice from the photo, but it has been for sale for a while ( around a year or so) and the ad sounds like the dude has a pinecone stuck up his butt. Let me know whats up with this one if anyone has heard anything. Thanks 1987 buick t type turbo t nj...