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    movie: "Clean" - most TR content ever!

    I keep getting little whiffs of antifreeze while driving. I see that the heater control valve has a very slight leak near the arm. Can I just delete this thing or do I need to have it?
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    The Pumpkin

    I have up for sale a Dutt neck I/c that’s in really nice shape. No leaks or dents $150 Also have a OEM maf. No issues I moved to a LS with a translator. $30 I have 2 gta wheels. They are stamped rear. I had drag radials on them. Could use a good polishing. $125 for the pair I have a stainless y...
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    While doing my body bushings I noticed that my fuel line is getting crusty. I really don’t want to go through the hassle of doing hardline again so I was wondering if any of you have replaced your oem due line with braided hose of push lock maybe? What size and fittings did you use? This is a...
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    Turbine housing

    When I first bought my car the steering was all over the place. I had to oversteer constantly in order to go straight. I replaced the steering box and it was better but still not right. Then I put a Jeep steering shaft in and there was improvement but I still had to constantly go from the 11:00...
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    Stage 2 153 On-Center block ready to go fully machined! $3k

    Bushings on the drivers side are done. (Thank you) but now I’ve got a bigger problem. The number 6 behind the passenger wheel won’t come out. I’m guessing that the t nut broke because all it does is spin. Now what do I do?
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    Detonation at WOT

    I was doing my body bushings yesterday and I am using the kit from Prothane. There is absolutely no way the number three bushing in the kit fits in the recess in the car. Anyone else used this kit run into this? Also, how did you get the body off the frame? When I lift on the body it moves about...
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    GTA wheels

    My 87 had 1 1/2 inch wheel spacers on it when I bought it. I finally got around to taking them off and when I tighten my wheels down they hit the outer tie rod. The front wheels are 16x8 GTAs. What wheels clear the rod ends? I need to get rid of the spacers because with them my tires hit the...
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    Looking for floor pans

    Looking for some patch panels for the floors of my 87. I need the middle of the drivers side front and rear
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    Basic tune question

    After replacing some parts and doing a tuneup on my 87 I’m having a problem getting the base settings to stay. I was able to get the tps to .42 but after setting the iac to 49 it has been steadily rising back up after driving it a few times. Checked it today and it’s up to 61 now. Driving around...
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    Fuel gauge problem

    The fuel level gauge in my 87 stops at the half way mark. When I checked it twice the tank went empty and the needle sat at half. Since I’m getting ready to do a fuel pump soon I was wondering if there is a way to trouble shoot the sender while it’s out
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    For guys with big stereos

    I am wiring my 87 for amps and such. I prefer to run my cables through the interior but I can’t seem to find a good spot to pass through into the car. For those that have amps and such where did you run the wiring from the battery back?
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    How much play is acceptable?

    I was doing my oil pan gasket today and after I took the pan off the crank and rods were still dripping. When I went to wipe them off I noticed that the rods had slight side to side movement. I was just wondering how much movement was acceptable? The bottom end appears to be stock and supposedly...
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    Ok where did the fluid go?

    Drove my car about a month ago and the brakes were fine. Fast forward to this weekend and when I went to drive the car the brake pedal went to the floor. Huh? The car was fine when I parked it. So I pull the wheels and the pads and shoes have at least 75% left. There are no leaks anywhere under...
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    Power seat harness

    I bought another driver side seat to replace my torn one and it has a power seat track on it. How easy is it to get this to work? Is the car already wired for this? What about the fuse panel? Am I better off just swapping on the manual track?
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    Fuel pump problem?

    While standing behind my car when it is idling I can hear the fuel pump and it sounds like it’s turning on and off. The buzzing starts and stops randomly but the car doesn’t stumble or stall. If I pull the vacuum line off the regulator the pressure goes from 40# to 43# and then creeps up to 50...
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    Trunk trouble

    I need new lift struts for the trunk on my 87. The problem is there are no parts listed for this application. The closest I could find was for a 82 regal so I bought them. They fit but don’t have the range of motion as the originals so my trunk only opens about 3/4 if the way. Anyone have the...
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    Are there any Lexus/Toyota techs here?

    I'm having a problem with my wife's 2005 Lexus rx330 that I can't seem to nail down and was hoping someone on this forum was a service tech
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    87GN $11k

    Up for sale is my 87GN. The previous owner said the car has 66 k miles on it. It's possible considering I swapped out the original radiator and water pump, exhaust elbow, downpipe and cat and the carpet and pedals are not worn through. Since buying the car I have installed a new steering box...
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    Water temp sensor

    Does anyone happen to know what the thread size is on the water temp sensor? Is it 9/16 npt?
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    Reverse lights

    I was wondering how the reverse lights on my 87 are activated. Are they activated by the steering column or a switch on the trans? Reason for asking is I can't get my reverse lights to work