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    Poston GNX style dash. instructions.

    Hi, This may be a long shot, but I'm looking for a install manual or PDF of the old Poston GNX dashboard. I took mine out to change some things, and for the life of me cannot remember where the white and red wires go on the back of the VDO electronic speedometer. Would anyone have access to...
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    Headers, Test Pipe, SS Lift bars, Regulator

    A few parts for sale; 86-87 Stock headers, drivers side is a newer GM replacement, has no leaks and has not been welded. 150.00 shipped. - SOLD SS Lift bars, NEW in box, never used. 140.00 Shipped - SOLD TH Stainless Test pipe, like new. 75.00 Shipped - SOLD Adjustable Fuel Pressure regulator...
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    TH Downpipe and Headers

    Stainless steel Terry Houston downpipe Uncut, with about 1500-2000 miles on it. 400.00 Shipped + paypal fee. Also a set of headers that I was told were from TR Custom Parts, but I dont really know, and havent used them, so I have no true idea if they are or if they are Ebay clones, either way...
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    3inch Stainless External Gate Downpipe

    3 inch Downpipe, with 38mm External Wastegate, with O2 bung welded in. Clears Headers. 350.00 Shipped.
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    WTB Headers

    Hey, I'm looking for a set of good aftermarket headers. No chinese parts please. Thanks!
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    215/220 Roller Cam

    Hey, for anyone using this cam in a stroked 109; how is the idle quality? I haven't fired mine up yet, so I'm really curious about how it will sound. Thanks!
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    Pan Bolts

    Hey, Anyone know off hand what size the bolts are for the 20 bolt 109 oil pan? Thanks!
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    Shift Cable

    Hey, I'm installing an aftermarket shifter, and I'm wondering if when doing this; do I HAVE to drill a new hole, or is it OK to use the factory hole and grommet? Thanks!
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    20 bolt oil pan

    Need a 20 bolt pan from an 87 3.8 in good condition. Send PM. Thanks!
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    Belt Size

    Hey, For anyone who has switched to a Power Bastards Alt. What belt did you use with the overdrive pulley thats installed on it? Thanks, CJ
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    Standard Bearings

    I have a new in box, STANDARD size bearing set from Full Throttle. Main, Rod, and Cam. 70.00 Shipped.
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    Air Bag Removal

    Whats the best/easiest method to remove air bags when changing springs? Thanks!
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    5413 Moog Springs,

    I was reading some threads, and I see that some guys after installing the 5413 springs, note a raise in rear height. If the moog spring is shorter than the stock spring, why would it raise by say, a 1/4 inch? Thanks.
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    Precision Turbo, T64E

    Precision T64E .85 housing, less than 2K miles. Excellent condition, no shaft play. 500.00 shipped.
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    GNX Flare Fit and Finish

    Hey, With the aftermarket GNX wheel flares that are available, has the fit been satisfactory for those that have used them? Any issues with mounting them using the supplied screws and such? I am seriously thinking of adding them to my car, but would like to know how others feel about them...
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    T64E, 42.5 injectors

    I have a T64E .85 with less than 2K miles on it. Still on the car; 550 shipped and a set (6) 42.5 injectors with about the same amount of miles, 100 shipped plus 3% paypal fee on both.
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    Hobbs Switch

    Guys, Does anyone know the part number for the Hobbs switch that is used on Reds Double Pumper? Thanks!
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    42.5 Injectors

    009's with Red's street and strip chips. 150.00 shipped.
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    GNX flares and larger Tires

    Hi, For those folks that have gone to GNX flares because of a larger tire/wheel combo, or the GNX tribute/clone look; What vendor's flares did you use, and were there any issues with fitting them on the car, or the quality of the flares themselves? Thanks!
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    Precision PT52

    PT52 Like new, with MAYBE 1,200 miles. Mostly street driven, with no more shaft play than when it was brand new. $550 plus shipping and paypal fee. Thanks!