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    Ign power slots at Fusebox

    Doing a ton of work and rewiring...getting 3.0 volts at Ign terminals with key off..shouldn't it be 0? Where should I look. Key on does go up to 12.6. Causing issues like causing dash to flicker while key off. Going to continue working while waiting for any info...
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    Stickies in Sale section

    Is it possible to clean up, consolidate and just delete some of the stickies in the Parts for Sale section? There are 11 to scroll by whenever you look at the listings. Some seem redundant, some are dead (auction) some are ironic (only post one ad for multiple items ). Just a thought.
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    ATR headers, passenger replacement header, ATR crossover

    Been collecting parts, time to sell what I'm not using now. Prices plus shipping. I'm in SF Bay Area. Stock replacement stainless steel crossover from ATR. New never used. $100 ATR 3 bolt turbo header for external waste gate. $300 Kenne Bell (or ATR, not sure) passenger header and crossover...
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    Drivers side stock exhaust manifold

    Looking for a good drivers side stock exhaust manifold.
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    Internal or external haye for Autocross

    I have a stock style Wastegate now on a 3" downpipe that I have autocrossed with. Are you guys running an external seeing any benefit ?
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    Who's downpipe does this appear to be? ATR, Houston, ?

    For my own entertaiment and curiousity as well as plans going forward, what down pipe do I appear to have here? I thought it was a Terry Houston . I bought it on here almost 10 yrs ago but can't find info, of course seller could have been wrong too.. I did buy an ATR exhaust from him too so...
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    Baer brakes, Global West control arms, chassis braces

    Updating my T Type so this is all up for grabs. 1) Global West Negative Roll upper control arms $300 obo plus shipping 2) Baer Brakes 13" rotors on modified B Body spindles $150 plus shipping obo Rotors were turned not long ago machinist said they are near min thickness but good to go. 3)...
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    PTE SLIC stock location intercooler

    Anyone have a Precision SLIC they want to sell?
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    Door mirrors

    Looking for a set of sport (some call bullet) door mirrors for a project. Need not be perfect as long as they aren't dented, i mainly need the "stands". Email is best contact i dont always get the replies on here
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    Any GNX fender flares for sale?

    Like it says anyone have a set they want to part with or partial set possibly?
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    Rear Lear Siegler / 84 GN seat

    looking for a rear Lear Siegler seat. Going to recover them so doesn't have to be perfect just good foam at the min
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    Bunch of T type steering wheels $50-75

    Clearing out my storage. I have all of these steering wheels that are good candidates to be recovered. I would consider one decent driver quality, the bottom row middle grey one. Asking $75 shipped for that one with a non cracked center ring (slightly warped but not broken, it sits flush) and...
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    Wanted Aluminum bumper brackets / supports

    The ones Kirbans and othersupport sell that replace the bumper shocks. Looking for front and or rear Email me Thanks!
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    Buick Grand Narional Bumper Marker Light Trim black

    Looking for both moulding for the front bumper blackout, not chrome. Going to repaint so don't have to be perfect. - Jason *Grand National - auto correct failure, no idea what a "narional" is lol
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    The Best Scantool

    So what is king these days? Scan master is still top of the list basic tool I'm sure but beyond that to get more vitals, etc what is there? Powerlogger? Any other options?
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    Rear control arms Lcas wanted

    Looking for aftermarket lower rear control arms. May consider upper and lower package What do you have? Text me 707-416-9085
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    Stock Turbo $100 shipped US

    I have a stock turbo off my T Type. It was replaced as it needs a rebuild. It has a bit of shaft play and was leaking oil into the engine. Rebuild it or use for parts. $100 SHIPPED in the 48 States I take Paypal. Text or call me at 707-416-9085 I'm in CA I'm trying to upload pics....
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    Razor's Alky Control alcohol injection kit $475obo

    Lightly used Alky Kit still on the car and working great. It's progressive and currently has a twin nozzle but will be sold with a single nozzle and up pipe. I have the controller mounted in the dash so I may not have the box for that but will double check to see if I do. Also I used a different...
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    Scanmaster for sale works fine. Its in my personal car $195 shipped in lower 48 Email or text 7074169085
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    Lear Siegler seats

    This is a rare pair of Lear Siegler bucket seats. These came out of a 1985 Trans Am but will fit many other vehicles including GBody by changing the seat tracks. They are currently on eBay.looking for around $300.