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  1. Adam28

    Kirban 2 Gauge Pod A Pillar

    Dual Gauge pod for A pillar. Bought from Kirbans. Was on my car for 2 years. In perfect condition. Attaches with double sided tape. I reapplied some double sided tape so it's ready to be reinstalled. Has hole drilled for Alky light in the top pod. $25 Shipped. Paypal please.
  2. Adam28

    10 MM OML Plug Wires

    Used set of 10 MM OML Plug Wires. Have about 2000 miles on them. Went back to black. $75 shipped in the U.S. Paypal as friends and family please.
  3. Adam28

    GN1 Exhaust Hardware

    So I took the GN out last night and heard banging over ever bump. Got home and noticed I lost all of the hardware from the right tailpipe. Anyone know what that blue spacer is called? I've tried the google using every name I can think of and nothing is coming up. Thanks!!!
  4. Adam28

    Radio Not Lighting Up

    Hey guys, I've got a Pioneer DEH-P47DH unit in my car. Bought about 7 months ago, worked fine but now the faceplate won't light up. If you shine a flashlight on it, you can see the LCD screen working and can read it fine. None of the buttons light up either. Hoping this might be an easy fix...
  5. Adam28

    Scanmaster G Logs

    I have 5 logs in my scanmaster G but when I try to download them I only get the first 4. And the last one is the one I want. Go figure.. Any tricks or help is appreciated. Thanks!!!
  6. Adam28

    50# injectors, Stock MAF

    Delphi/MSD 50# Injectors. One is missing a grommet/seal. A couple bucks at the parts store. SOLD Stock MAF in working condition when taken off of the car. Went to an LT1 MAF. SOLD Thanks!! Prefer Paypal to make it easy.
  7. Adam28

    Passenger Side Intercooler Bracket Stud

    Looking for the stud that holds the passenger side intercooler bracket to the block. I'm installing a PTE SLIC and it was replaced by a bolt, but I need the original stud for the spacer on the PTE unit. The threads are M8 x1.25 on block side and 5/16-18 on the bracket side. I can't seem to...
  8. Adam28

    License plate light

    So after owning the car for 4 months I just happened to walk around the back of my car at night and noticed there was no light above the plate. Not just the bulb but just 2 empty screw holes. My question is what does the assembly that's missing look like and where would it connect to? I don't...
  9. Adam28

    Silicone hose fitment.

    Hi, new owner here. Recently purchased a silicone hose kit for the turbo, intercooler and maf pipe. 2" turbo to intercooler fit perfect. 2.5" from intercooler to uppipe fit perfect. The 2.5" from the up pipe to the throttle body doesn't seem to want to go on the other end of the pipe or the...