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    C10 6.0L 78/75 Turbo Build

    Here is my C10 guys. I have been in the Buick family since 2000 and thought I would share as I have moved on from the mighty v6 to pursue other car dreams. Anyway, I always loved the C10's and bought this truck about 4 years ago and bagged it a few months after owning it. I decided it was time...
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    New B&M Mega Shifter For Sale

    Used one of these in my old TTA and would never look back. So I bought another brand new one, but sold my project car, so need to sell. I took it out of the box and put the handle on the shifter and thats about it. All instructions and parts are in the box as new never mounted. $225 call/Text...
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    Wilwood Brakes For Sale (TTA) and Trick chassis Lower Control Arms

    Have a set of new Wilwood aluminum hubs and drilled/slotted rotors Kit for 82-92 camaro/Firebird. This is the big brake kit 12.19" and I have instructions and will throw in new SS braided lines. $800. Brakes are put together with packed bearings, so assembly is done. Selling because I sold my...
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    TTA Parts for Sale

    Im selling as a lot so all or nothing. i am being very reasonable on the price so if someone wants to part this lot out on ebay they can make some money. I dont have time to do this, so here is everything I have left over from years of owning these cars. I am not going to answer a bunch of...
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    Fiberglass Hood

    Was going to lighten up my front end even more, but sold car before I got to put this hood on it. Iforget how much weight it saved, but it is a LOT lighter than stock. It is a bolt on type and needs paint. If i remember right, there was one or two bolts broke off on the nuts, but I can tell you...
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    How Much Boost Without Tune?

    How much boost were you old timers willing to go without a tune? I know this is a weird question to be asked of today, but I always wondered how much the Stock MAF window could take before Fuel was needed. Over the years, I always thought 1-2psi and then you needed to squish the FPR to squeeze...
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    Ain't This the Truth!

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    TTA and Gn parts

    GN1 valve covers...One is black without letters and other is raw with lettering....I was in the process of making another set of sweet valve covers, but sold car. $75 TTA service supplement book in good condition $75 TTA dash bezel..The long gray and black plastic piece for gages...$40 TTA...
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    Bundle #2

    All New...Never used: plenum gasket coil pack gasket TA header gaskets $25 for all
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    Bundle #1

    Buick v6 oil primer modified for turbo 6 and brand new tranny filter/seal still in box for 2004r. $25
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    Gaskets and Bullet Muffler

    I have a brand new pair of TA header gaskets 20 shipped Brand new 3.5" bullet muffler 17" long and 5" round Thick part is 12"long...paid 60 and will take 35 shipped
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    OEM Coil pack, Aluminum Valve Covers, Tools

    Original Coil pack tested on caspers tester. Went mid 10's with it. $50 shipped Sold Cottons aluminum vc with -10 an fittings and custom baffling $75 Sold Valve spring height micrometer $35 Sold Push rod gage $12 Sold RPM tach $10 Sold K&N breathers with rubber grommets $10 for both
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    So, my son is in the other room...

    He is 6years old.....I can hear him ask my wife "How do you spell LOVE?" and then I hear "How do you spell DAD?" I have no idea what he is creating, but this will be one of the first times he shows true affection in words. He is always shy in terms of the LOVE word for some reason when we tell...
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    Took her out today

    Took the TTA out for a leg stretch today. I have been really busy and finally wanted to get a few blasts in before winter. 20psi and banging the B&M ratchet shifter at 6k RPM....Shifts hard and quick.... Front end fully extended.... Tires planted.... I want the Strange drag brake kit, but dont...
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    Modded TTA for sale

    Click on the link. Any questions call text 309-558-9405
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    Polished Kenne Bell Valve Covers

    Polished KB valve covers $110 vc's only
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    Surprise Ending

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    Valve Covers that clear roller rockers

    Need VC's that clear RR.
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    Fastest REAL TTA with Buick 6?

    TurboDave's car is not a real tta and Crusifulli's car is not a 6. Not taking anything away from those guys......But who is the fastest real TTA with a buick 6? Im going for broke and I really think mid 9's can be accomplished without pushing it too hard.