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    I went by a house I used to pass 18 years ago in CT. They had an 86' GN sitting in the driveway then. The very same car is sitting in the exact same spot. Thinking I might just stop by and introduce myself. My guess is they are letting value "accrue" without regard to condition. Wouldn't be the...
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    Found my old plates today...

    Now just need to find the perfect regal to adhere it to. currently cutting it the F loose
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    Two cool videos - not turbo related...but there's speed....lots of speed

    1st Person Isle of Mann Australia
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    I was just watching this gem of Hollywood. I've seen better acting on this board. But....the word "Buick" shows up in the first 15 minutes so....I'm OK with that. Then there's a Riviera... So double good with that. Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    Broken down outside Bakersfield.

    If anyone is near Bakersfield CA and you have some time, my uncles 6.0 blew the egr cooler. He's making the trek back to Dallas. He has a 30' boat that needs to be towed to the shop where the truck is being repaired. Any help would be greatly appreciated. He's a great guy. Stew Foster 214 213...
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    Anyone in the great state of Kentucky wanna check out a GN for me?

    Found a car I might be interested in. Around the Lexington area. I need a skilled set of eyes and ears if available. Pm me if you are close to that area. Reward offered....just have not thought of what yet. :)
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    Holy crap!

    I just watched Black Air and realized that during the Ferrari parts....I was there. They even show my clients car and my old race transport. Totally unexpected. Cool. Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    Power master..brand new

    My friend is selling a brand new cardon power master. Never installed, box opened to verify contents. $275 + shipping Also going on fleabay. If you are interested, email my friend direct. Thanks dudes. Dan (the other Dan) Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    The Bowling Green Prayer

    I'm not a religious person, but I feel that something must be said for everyone involved. We've seen our share of bad and good throughout the years. To everyone joining on this annual event, I hope and wish for safe travels. I pray the wind is in your favor, and your path straight. I hope that...
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    Thanks James aka TTAOWNER

    Thanks for your time and the tour! I'm going to take that first TR in your shop off your hands when you're ready :) Serious inventory there folks. You need it he's got it. Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    Ty, Charlie, Ron....please advise

    I'm considering this GN. I have no pictures because I think that's creepy to go look at a car and photoshoot it. I would question it if happening to me. Here's the details... 1987 180,000 miles...a daily driver for the owner. Whole car needs paint (badly checked on every square inch) and a...
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    MUST HAVE NOW.....Awesome inside..... I'ma need two of those.....
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    Looked at an 87 WE2 today.

    Can someone help decode the RPO and check VIN, i know some of it, but the car appears to be heavily optioned. Twilight sentinel, electric trunk release, concert sound, etc... The whole car is checked, needs a total repaint. Couple of dings, one nickel sized rust spot on rear fender. Engine is...
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    Check out this auction car!! Pretty cool.!lot-0023/c1f1d I am in no way affiliated with the sale of this vehicle.....nor the purchase.
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    Engine/transmission Statements

    A suggestion ladies and gentleman. When putting a vehicle up for sale, especially to a group as knowledgeable as this board - the devil is in the details. If the vehicle showcased has had a rebuilt engine or transmission, or if either has been mildly been "refreshed" try to include who...
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    If you feel the need to attack me personally do it via pm and not in someone's for sale thread. You have been warned. Dan Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk 4
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    Hey, that's not a cod!

    Took a day off last week. Went 35 miles off Montauk to do some mako sharkin'. 140 lbs, pulled him right up to the boat without a fight. Thought a bluefish had gotten the bait. Also caught a large blue shark. Dicovery and HD tv do no justice to how blue these things actually are. Stunning. I...
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    1986 Mustang SVO

    It's been a while, so Charlie, Ronnie,...let me have it. I have a 1986 Mustang SVO with 94,000 miles original on the clock. I purchased this car in 2010 from the second owner in Green Bay Wisconsin (@74k miles). The original owner was the dealer principal. This car is not babied This car is...
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    I got a kick outta this....

    sorry if a's worth it. :) Passed by a Turbo Buick like I'm going in the opposite direction. - YouTube
  20. N hot is it where you are?

    Don't pay any attention to the's not rain. It's piles of dead people.