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  1. J

    Passenger rear parking brake cable, throttle cable

    Need a passenger rear parking brake cable as well as an 86-87 throttle cable. Thanks guys! Jeremy
  2. J

    Trade my 230/230 roller for your 224/224 roller

    I have a 230/230 here. Looking for a 224/224 if any of you want to go larger. Thanks. Jeremy
  3. J

    Used seat covers 85-87 GN

    Anybody have any used seat covers they saved? Could be one part or a whole set, doesn't need to be perfect, just decent. Rebuilding a 70k mile solid rust free car but the seats were pulled out and not stored properly so the covers are completely smoked. Car is not going for perfection, just a...
  4. J

    Blue rear seat belts

    Left my damn rear seat belts in a box over the winter. Well....I guess salt water came off of my wife's car and got into the box. Belts are roached completely. Anybody have these? Thanks dudes. Jeremy
  5. J

    Blue Upper Door Panels for Manual Windows

    Converted my 84 WH1 to manual windows for weight savings. Anybody have a decent set of blue upper door panels? Mine are in great shape with power window switches in them if someone wanted to swap. Id buy outright too though of course. Doesn't have to be Palex style material so any year...
  6. J

    Trade roller cams? I have a 218/218, looking for larger

    I will not sell this cam outright! However, with the major cam shortage, I may do some trading. This cam is a DLS custom grind....218/218 +2 deg timing, 114LSA. GREAT CAM! I'm looking for a 224 or slightly larger, 112 or 114 LSA. Let me know what you guys have. Could possibly help one of you out.
  7. J

    Blue drivers seat trim (bottom pieice)

    Looking for the bottom seat hinge trim in blue if someone has it.
  8. J

    80# Injectors Anyone?

    Looking for a set of Siemens 80's. Thanks guys! Jeremy
  9. J

    Hot air head bolts

    Looking for a set of ARP head bolts for a pre-86 block, iron heads. Not wanting new, used is great! Thank you.
  10. J

    New Work Turbochargers Billet TE6465 Turbo

    I had Reed build this for me but have downgraded my set up extensively. With that said, this turbo will ship directly from Reed and will have a 1yr TE6465 .63. It is a "big shaft" unit also. Very sturdy. It has a billet 360 thrust and all Garrett bearings and seals. Will easily make 800hp...
  11. J

    Old school 2.5in Hot Air Down pipe

    Looking for an old 2.5in down pipe for an 84-85. Fixing up a budget beater car, cheaper the better. Thank you. Jeremy
  12. J

    New Work Turbochargers Billet CE6465 .63

    I had Reed build this turbo for me but have gone a much more mild route with the build. This is a point milled big shaft turbo that is very sturdy and capable of 800+ HP. Billet 360 thrust, Garrett bearings and seals. This turbo will come with a 1 yr warranty from Reed and will be shipped to...
  13. J

    Champion Irons, T+D roller rockers, DLS roller cam

    Hey guys, I down graded my set up so putting the heads and cam up for sale. Everything has 600 miles on them. Champion CNC Ported Irons ----set up for the roller with roller springs (sale pending) ... T+D 1.55 roller rockers (sale pending) DLS roller 210/210 or Comp roller 212/212 cam (sale...
  14. J

    Champion Iron Heads with 1.55 T+D Rockers

    Have a set of Champion Irons set up for a roller cam. These will come with 1.55 T+D's as well. These have 600 miles on them. $2000 I also have the 218/218 roller cam/lifters and pushrods that was with this set up available. $500 Polished 6765 turbo with actuator $800 Champion Ported...
  15. J

    Precision 6765 .83 housing polished 600 miles $800 with actuator

    De-modding my grey car. This is a bad ass turbo. $800. Thanks guys. Jeremy
  16. J

    Precision 6765 Polished 600 miles w/actuator

    I've never had a chance to run my grey car to its full potential and am now demodding it so many of the high HP parts are going to be listed shortly. This turbo has 600 miles on it and had never seen above 10 psi. It's always had a turbo saver ahead of it as well. This is a 6765 with an...
  17. J

    Ported Aluminum Heads

    What's out there? Building an NA motor, would be interested in GN1 or possibly old school M+A's depending on price. Have a polished 6765 turbo, Champion Irons, Champion ported intake, 120's, modded ecm, roller 212/212 cam/lifter set, std/std stock crank, and more available for trades.
  18. J

    Internally Balanced Hub or Balancer (no relucter ring needed)

    Looking for an internally balanced hub or balancer for my NA project. Not needing the relucter ring necessarily but if it has one, that's fine. Looking for low budget as possible. Thank you! Jeremy
  19. J

    3.625 Crank

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a budget friendly 3.625 crank for an NA project I have going on. I dont mind if this is 20/20 as long as it can stay there. I have a nice STD/STD Turbo Crank I've been saving that is out of an NA 4.1 (non abused) that I'd be willing to trade too. Let me know whats...
  20. J

    Blocks, Cranks, Turbo, Misc

    NEW Work Turbo Built 6164 Dual Ball Bearing Turbo. Had this built for one of my builds to accomplish a very fast spool with a small converter and still make 600HP. Reed did a great job, but I ended up changing the combo before he was finished with the turbo. $1000 109 NA Block STD Bore 42k...