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    WTB SD2 Chip

    Looking for a used SD 2 chip
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    Need someone to work in my 85

    This has always been misunderstood. This is how it works in plain English. The negative battery cable goes to the engine block. That makes the engine the main ground. The system grounds from the engine harness are bolted to the motor on the back of the passenger side head. These can be bolted...
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    This place has been dead.

    All the action must be in the restricted area.
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    WTB Steel Rods Stock length

    I only want new. Eagle, K/1 or Molnar. TIA Rick
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    Looking for advice

    What to do with this flange now that it’s been ruined on a belt sander.
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    ***6 New 160lb injectors $350***

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    WTB Stock Turbo Drain Tubes

    Looking for a few. Please message me. Thanks
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    F/S GN1 Front Mount Intercooler $250

    This is a early version GN 1 front mount intercooler. Dimensions are 29” wide. 12” tall. 3” thick. It would e a great upgrade for a lightly modded turbo Buick. Ports and pipe are all 2 1/2”. All couplings and clamps included. The Throttle body coupling is 2 1/2” x 2” for a stock TB. Priced to...
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    WTB 1" or 1 3/8" Rear Sway Bar

    Looking for a 1" or 1 3/8" rear sway bar. Just seeing if anyone has one laying around before I buy new. TIA Rick
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    Turbo Buick Millennials

    A whole new level of enthusiast...
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    Effects of breather tube on blm

    Very interesting to say the least.
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    WTB: Good Stock MAF

    I could really use one. Thanks Rick
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    WTB: GM ECM's

    Finger on the trigger. LMK what you got. Thanks Rick
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    Weldon 1100A failure

    After six years of trouble free operation my Weldon fuel pump finally crapped out. I pulled it apart this morning and found the epoxy failed that holds the magnets in the motor housing. I imagine this is the reason these pumps are not rated for E 85.
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    A picture is worth 1000 words

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    WTB: Art Carr 9in 16930

    Looking for a known good 16930 n/l converter. LMK Thanks
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    Anyone's here?
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    Original SD2 tune file

    There is currently no way to load the original tune file if it was not saved. That said I'm looking for the original tune file before any changes were made to the ve table. TIA
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    WTB Throttle/Detent Cable Bracket

    The one on the plenum that holds all 3 cables. Thanks!
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    WTB: 3" maf pipe

    Preferably with couplings. LMK. Thanks Rick