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    New Precision Turbo & Engine Buick turbo chart, look up! ^^^^

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. I updated the sticky thread above with the new turbo chart. Some don't know about it so I'll also add the chart to this post. Hope this helps. Patrick Rubio Inside Technical Sales Representative Precision Turbo & Engine 9401 Georgia St. Suite 2 |...

    Precision Turbos New Turbo Listing for Buicks !!!!!!!

    Stay tuned folks. I'm working on an updated list now and yes, I am infact working for Precision Turbo as a Remote Inside Technical Sales Rep. :cool: Patrick

    Hello everyone... Any questions?

    Just wanted to start something fresh and see where it takes us. Oh yeah... And to say... I'm back! :cool: Patrick Rubio Precision Turbo & Engine Inside Technical Sales Representative

    Grudge race call out

    Hey everybody. Been awhile since I've posted. So..... There's been a call out thrown down. Some of you might have seen it on FB and other sites, maybe not, but here's what we know so far. It's a $5,000.00 grudge race in Rockingham NC, between my boy Dave Fiscus and Bobby Don. Here's the link...

    Interesting article on the 74 mile GN

    A co-worker sent me this link, as he knows I'm into these cars. Let the games begin!

    TE-44 turbo, 50# injectors, 3" polished MAF pipe and more.

    I have some good parts that I recently removed, for sale. Precision TE-44 turbo. Has approximately 2000 miles on it since it was installed by the previous owner in 2016. E cover (3" inlet, 2" discharge), with Precision 3-bolt .63 A/R turbine housing, studs with nuts and lock washers on oil...

    Pair of NIB 15x7 aluminum GN wheels

    For sale. I have a pair of new 15x7 aluminum repro GN wheels that came from GBody Parts. They were included with my current car. They are new, never installed, just taken out of the box for pictures. They are in excellent NIB condition and each wheel comes with 1 center cap, 5 lug nuts and 1...

    Seimens 60#ers vs Seimens 80#ers on a mid to high 10 sec, full weight combo.

    Here's some good questions for those who have first hand exp. After searching for a bit, I could not find any recent threads that fit. So I thought it might benefit hearing some current real world experiences. FWIW, I have run 60's and a v5.7 TT chip on my last car, as well as currently on a...

    I did a thing...

    Hello everyone. I did a thing... I got another Turbo Buick. This time, a very nice "87 GN, who I have decided to call, "LEGEND". The mods are your typical must have items, fuel system upgrades, RJC front mount, 3" THDP into dual 2.5" Pypes exhaust, Razor's alky kit and a baby TE-44. For...

    My GS Nationals pics and vids. (Racers POV)

    Welp, another GS Nationals has come and gone. And this one was definitely one for the Buick history books. I arrived around 1pm on Wednesday, to see wonderful rain forecast for the rest of the day. No biggie as it was expected and it always rains at least one day at the Nats. So we all pulled up...

    Another strangely familiar sound/setup.

    Mrs. & Mr. Hartline had a little something to do with this. ;) Watch out for 'em these are the sneaky ones. Kinda like my current 5 bolt on hooptie. :sneaky:

    Now this seems oddly familiar...

    To something we all love and enjoy. These are Holden VL Commodores with shoe horned, single turbo, Nissan RB30 inline 6 cylinder power plants. The RB30 was a purpose built race engine developed by NISMO. (Nissan Motorsports) These guys are getting down! Enjoy the beautiful sounds of turbo 6...

    First 9 second C7 Corvette!!!

    LMR built C7 auto. Back on 10/25/13, this same car ran an incredible 11.47 @ 121.9 with only a tune. And on stock tires. Then today, 11/8/13, it did this on motor. Then followed up with this on a 100 shot. 1.403 short time 6.355 @ 110.37 1/8th mile 9.999 @ 132.70 1/4 mile...

    EPA closes last lead smelting plant!!! I'm sure I don't have to say what this will lead to. Buy now while we still can. Just giving a heads up. And for those who are hyperlink impared, here is the...

    First 10 second C7 Corvette!

    11/3/13 at Palm Beach International Raceway. C7 Z51 7 speed manual, built by Redline Motorsports. According to the videos, it has the following. Redline Motorsports LTX2 camshaft Kooks long tube headers Nitrous Outlet plate kit jetted to a 125 shot Redline Motorsports tune CCW skinnies M/T 305...

    My GS Nationals 2013 pics and videos.

    Here are the pics and videos that I took on Friday at the GS Nationals. I tried to get a picture of every car's engine bay that went through Heads up class peer tech on Friday. All of the pictures can be blown up to actual size when you click on them. Then click the magnifying glass with the...

    Very interesting news.

    I receive Kirban's monthly Kirban Inner Circle email today and there was some news worthy info. Don't know if you guys were aware of this, some of you I'm sure know already, but I just had to share. Towards the bottom of the email, under CALENDAR OF UPCOMING EVENTS FOR 2013 - was this tid bit...

    Heads up Maryland!

    Legislation Introduced to Ban Commonly Owned Firearms and Restrict Magazine Capacity, Severely Tighten Registration Requirements. Link to article...


    I didn't see this posted anywhere on the site. I just learned about it last night. It was proposed Jan 14th 2013. "H.R.226 -- Support Assault Firearms Elimination and Reduction for our Streets Act (Introduced in House - IH) HR 226 IH 113th CONGRESS 1st Session H. R. 226 To amend the...

    Heads up all you NYers out there.

    State Senate passes gun control legislation 01/14/2013 By: Zack Fink The State Senate passes new gun control legislation by a 43 to 18 margin. The Assembly will reconvene Tuesday morning to take up the measure. Zach Fink has the latest. ALBANY, N.Y. -- For weeks, legislative leaders and...