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    Finally got the wife to shoot a gun.

    I got her a Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm and now she likes shooting guns. Next step a conceal carry permit and actually get her to carry it.
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    When it rains it pours on me!

    The trans is in need of a rebuild as soon as possible and while it was nice out today I found this!
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    Check out my Christmas present!

    I bought the lift for myself for Christmas! I am such a nice guy. Turned my 2 car garage into a 3 car garage. Trying to convince the wife to buy another one for her bay! She wants an old Beetle and wants to put a turbo on it. We could leave her Beetle on the lift and park her Flex under it!
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    Look who I found at the Colts game!

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    Made a garage stool for the Father in law....

    Since I work in a steel mill I found these parts in a scrap steel pile waiting to be melted. The base is a flywheel with a cam shaft as the post. The seat is a steel tractor seat and there are two brake rotors and two connecting rods with a 3/4" wrench for the foot rest. Strange things come...
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    Torque converter opinion?

    My TC is in need of replacement and I'm not sure what converter to go with. I am running alky. I don't take it to the track but I do use every one of the horses that it produces. I am planning on putting a TA49 in it when the factory turbo dies on me. I might put a little bit more of a cam...
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    Need a high resolution image.

    I am having a graphics company make me a banner for the garage and I need a high resolution image of the GN logo with intercooled in the correct spot. I have downloaded a few off of the internet and once they are blown up they get all pixelated. It is going to end up about 3 or 4 feet big. Pm...
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    Slipping Trans at the top of 1st.

    I am not very well versed in transmission to say the least. I have a stock transmission from what I was told when I bought the car. At WOT at the top of 1st right before it hits second it appears to slip and the. Hits second and goes like normal. The odd thing is it doesn't seem to do it...
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    The Buick is finally getting a new place to sleep!

    After many years of saving money we are finally getting our new garage built and it is being built around the needs of the Buick! The Amish are building a post frame garage for me. They started it yesterday and will have it finished today. It is 24 x 30 with a 12' ceiling for a lift. It...
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    Epoxy for garage floor input needed.

    We are building a new 3 car garage next month and I am thinking of putting epoxy on the floor. I'm not wanting to have it professionally done, gonna do it myself if I decide to do it. Any input would be great.
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    Tore down garage and found this....

    This is a normal sized shovel. The concrete goes down 5 feet! The concrete will be broken up this week. I really hope we don't find a dead body under there! Maybe we will find Jimmy Hoffa under there. My neighbors last name is Hoffa!
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    Another dumba$$ comment heard!

    Was driving home from the HRPT and was in Bloomington IL. We pulled in to eat at KFC and a guy in a truck pull in behind in the parking lot and said his brother own #551! So I assume he means a GNX not a GN so I told him they only made 547 GNX's. He said his brother owns #551 GN. I just...
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    Going to Mecum auction in Indy....

    Has anyone ever went to their auctions? My father in law is interested in trying to find a car.
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    2014 Power Tour who's going?

    I skipped out last year and haven't seen anyone mention it so far this year. So is everyone skipping it this year or did I miss something?
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    Working powermaster with accumulator

    Took it off today to switch to vacuum brakes. Make offer. Keep in mind Kirban offers $125 for a non working unit and this works.
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    Check this CL ad out..... So only 3% of GN's had the 3.8l turbo sfi. Didn't even know that. That makes that car special! No wonder he is asking that much for a car with 147k miles that still needs work. Some people will say anything to sell a car! The...
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    This should be a sticky

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    Battery drain issue..

    This is the first time I have had this issue with the car. Over the past winters when I go out to start the car during the winter it fired right up. This year it has been dead twice. The battery was bad last summer and I replaced it. The only thing that has changed is last summer I put the...
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    Monte Carlo message board is a PITA!

    My father in law has a 87 Aerocoupe and I need to look into some info for him. I went on their site and signed up yesterday! Still don't have access to the site. My account hasn't be approved yet. The kicker is that if you don't log on within 24hrs your account will be removed.
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    Vacuum brake pedal

    I am switching from the power master system and need a brake pedal for the vacuum brake set up!