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    Fuel pump

    My Buick gn 87 is acting like it is out of gas it was just starting up couple of hours ago now its acting like it is out of gas it will not turn over like its not getting gas any suggestions?
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    dyno tuneing

    Can I still get a dyno tune on my 87 gn if I don't really know what's in it all I know is that its not stock has a different cam and a aftermarket bigger turbo its running pretty rough is dyno tuneing the best thing for me to do right now?
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    looking for a good mechanic in the bay area

    Who works on our cars good in the bay area I have a 87 gn it needs tuneing any suggestions? I'm in Vallejo
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    wastegate solenoid

    I been running my wastegate solenoid with no filter will that do anything bad to my 1987 Buick grand national?