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    5-7 gal. of VP M1 methanol for sale

    I will take it if you still got it.
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    I possibly may. I know several other were talking about going with the original date not sure if they still plan to or not
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    How low can MT DR tire pressure be set at track?

    i run 20 psi in tires. they hook great at @15 psi launch
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    advice on tuning

    Same issue. Wound up using the TPS trigger and it worked for me.
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    advice on tuning

    my powerlogger had the same issues. wound up using a trigger to get it to log.
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    ISO Stainless ATR Exhaust w/Pitt Bull Mufflers

    if you find another 2.5 i would like to get that 3” from you
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    Holley smart coil holders

    What i did. Bison sells a plate to mount them also.
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    Mobile Phone OS decision

    I use the i phone for my personal and work. does what i need it to. I do notice that some of the apps i want to use are only available on android so that sucks sometimes. Dont have much experience with android to compare it to.
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    Turbo 6 Performance

    Think his name is Michael David. We did some trading for a bunch of A/C parts. shipping company wound up destroying my parts and i took the shaft on that one. Wasnt his fault but definitely sucked. Seemed like a nice guy on the phone otherwise.
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    WTB good cam sensor cap

    looking for a known good cam sensor cap.
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    Which in-tank fuel pump??

    how much with the DW400 pump.
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    Which in-tank fuel pump??

    Im running a DW300 with stock lines and hanger. ran a 10.60 so far.
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    Spark Plug Upgrade Cross-over from AC Delco to NGK

    running UR6 in mine.
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    Stock Axles

    in the research ive done no one really has a good answer. my opinion is if you start dipping in the tens or want to run a trans brake a good set of axles should be on the to do list.
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    Looking for a way to bypass CCCI box

    Im running the ECU-GN from turbo tweak. Actually swapping over to COP right now. the adater harness has a jumper board that plugs into factory harness and send crank and cam signals to the ECU with out use if module.
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    Trying to figure out power logger

    Do some reading thorugh here also. it way help you out.
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    im hoping. i got a leak i havent pin pointed and dont really want to drag it through the rain. lol
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    LF fuel pump w hanger.

    If its the wiring in the sensder i just drilled theough the plastic piece and ran bigger wire to the pump bypassing hanger connector. then seal it with a epoxy the gasoline wont mess with. I did this as a temp fix but has been working great for 8 months.
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    Head Help

    stock turbo drain? mine was doing same exact thing and it was the turbo. couldnt see oil in down pipe. had to pull down pipe off and look on back side of turbine wheel and could see shiny streaks.