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    ign slots on the fuse panel

    none of my ignition spots work on my fuse panel.. what are they connected too?
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    wtb: intercooler and ac line brackets

    wtb the driverside intercooler bracket..and ac line brackets that connect to the radiator....
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    what wire is this

    this wire is coming from the bulk connector under the wiper motor.. it black with an orange stripe.. i dont know what it connects to..:confused:
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    did the 84 to 87 swap..

    did the 84 to 87 engine swap.. have hydroboost brakes. just looking for advice on how i need to hook these up... any advise would be appreciated..
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    G Bodyparts.. thumbs down.

    :mad: i ordered parts from them last monday.. They said i would have them thursday as im in south carolina.. they give me a tracking number tuesday... It doesnt work call them wednesday they give me same tracking number and it still didnt work.. Called them last friday... o we were waiting on...
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    1987 GN no motor trans

    1987 grand national no motor, trans, ecu, wireharness.. everything else is there.. needs a front bumper.... Im looking to sell it taking best offer.. and im also looking for performance parts . i have a stock 87 setup looking to upgrade.. thanks. :-)
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    1984 gn t-top with 87 drivetrain..

    Interior is flawless.. just installed an 87 drivetrain with 70k miles.. 36lb injectors, tt chip, scanmaster, 5 gauges (3 on pillar, 2 infront of shifter,) power windows, door locks, kicker speakers all around.. if any interest i'll post more pics.. this pic was without the motor..
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    What gauges to get and where..

    just got my grand national and its all stock.. its an 84 t-top and i converted to the 87 drivetrain.. i havent taken it to a benny yet.. but i would like to get the scanmaster and gauges while i wait.. So what gauges should i be purchasing, far as what needs to be monitored.. And what brand...
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    car wont leave hard or spin tires.

    i just purchased this car.. and it wont leave had nor spin the tires... but after you get it rolling to about 20mph boost kicks in and it starts to fly... what could be the problem.. im new to this and any info will be greatly appreciated.. btw its an 87' gn
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    86/87 motor/trans trade my banshee's or crf

    looking for a 86/87 motor trans will trade either my 2005 banshee ,2006 banshee , or 2007 crf 450r for one.. dont offer me junk because none of my stuff is..