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    1987 Grand National with T Tops in central IL $19,500

    Car Is Sold I really don't want to do this:(, Lord knows I don't, but here for sale is my Buick Grand National. Only reason for selling is to mend my marriage, and this is part of the deal we mediated:giggle:(n), otherwise no way no how would I sell the car! The engine and tranny both have...
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    Central IL fun in the sun

    Its been awhile since I've been on this site, not since the car was fairly new, and I remember reading these stories being bummed that I had none of my own. Well, now that Ive had the car for 2 1/2 years, I got a few to share. I drive my GN quite a bit around town in the summer here in Peoria...
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    Vacuum brake replacement parts advice

    The brakes in the GN I just bought have failed. It had been converted to vacuum brakes, at least that is what the previous owner said, but that was way before even he owned the car. Anyways, I lost most all the braking and pedal went to floor. Fluid was almost all gone in MC. Filled it up to...
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    Oil Leak and Smoke under Boost

    Recently bought highly modified 87 GN. Leaked oil all over driver side engine compartment... steering linkage, headers, dipstick sleeve, under carriage, etc... just fresh oil all over. Also, under heavier boost, smoke just pours out the back. So first, I wanted to eliminate the valve cover...
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    New Grand National in Peoria, IL. Need to find local GN peers

    Hello turbo Buick, It's been 5 years coming but I finally bought one. I've wanted one for 5 years and have been seriously looking for a year. Wanting and waiting to find "the one", I have indeed found the perfect one. As the title would indicate, I'm in the Peoria area... East Peoria, IL...