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    Lots of parts for sale....

    1. Driver side remote mirrors, Gold or grey. $50 plus shipping. 2. Under hood light $40 plus shipping. 3. One new door strap screw cover. $5 plus shipping. 4. One grey GN door strap. $10 plus shipping. 5. One uncut stock “L” shaped IC bracket. $50 plus shipping. 6. The other IC bracket. $50...
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    Braces, valve cover, fuel rail & lower control arms....

    I have the front frame triangulating braces, all 3 for $75 plus shipping. One painted passenger side valve cover $35 plus shipping. One set of lower rear factory control arms, boxed with replacement bushings. $65 plus shipping. One factory fuel rail $60 plus shipping.
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    TurboTweak street & race chips...

    I’m selling a street & race chip for $60 each shipped to the continental U.S.
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    Turbtweak race & street chips

    I have two chips for sale, each are for 50# injectors. Will take $60 each shipped to the continental U.S.
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    1987 Grand National

    1987 GN-Motor rebuilt with forged pistons, all ARP hard ware, 2004r rebuilt with all the good parts, 9.5" 3200 non lockup convertor, PTE 6131e turbo, GBody front mount, 50# injectors, Walbro fuel pump, Accufab regulator, Alky Control injection, scan master, Replaced whole interior last year...
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    Never seen this before....

    Just saw this TTA listed for sale on the Hemmings Muscle Machines website. I’ve never seen it before. Anybody ever see it?
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    Toots no more.

    I just drove down Scottsville rd. & noticed this. Thought some of you might be interested.
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    87 GN door panels....

    I’ve got the original upper door panels, no trim just the bare uppers. I redid my interior with Jax & the new grey didn’t match my original, more silver uppers. They’re in good shape but are 31 years old. I’ll take $120 plus shipping for the pair.
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    GN window trim....

    I'm interested in buying all the windshield, rear & side window trim. Must not be dented. Thanks.
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    1986 Buick GN

    Frame off resto completed in 2013. Approximately 94,000 miles. New billet transmission w/ Art Carr 3000 n/lu 9". Stainless 3" dp & headers. TA-66, Precision SLIC, 60# injectors, hotwired walbro, turbotweak chip, alky control injection, scanmaster, factory digital dash [redone by Caspers)...
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    Window guides....

    Where can I buy the rubber tab that covers the window guide (metal tab)?
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    Shifter cable grommet & t-top bag....

    I need the grommet that goes in the trans tunnel for the shifter cable and one t-top bag. Thanks, David
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    WTB headlight bezel screws....

    I need all 3 headlight bezel screws, the ones which are black and are the torx t15. Please let me know what you have. Thanks.
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    85 T-Type up for Muscle Machine of the Year....

    Just received my new Hemmings Muscle Machine Magazine and it's got the canidates for their car of the year. One of them is a blue 85 T-Type that will probably need our votes. I don't have a link but I'm sure someone will post it.
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    Injectors, turbo, for....

    Stock rebuilt turbo less than 2000 miles $250 waste gate not included. 36# injectors less than 10000 miles $100. Stock headers, freshly welded $200. Billet top adj. fuel pressure regulator $70.
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    86 GN idles high after chip change....

    My father in law just changed his injectors from 36#s to 60#s. While waiting on his new chip, he started it with the old 36# turbotweak chip and it idled fine. He borrowed a friend's 60# hotair chip and it idled too high, like 2000 rpms. He just put in his new, correct 60# turbotweak chip and...
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    TE-44, Maf, plenum, throttle body, injectors

    (TE-44. Went bigger, works fine with no play $425.-SOLD) 36# injectors work fine $125. (Stock MAF, works fine $100.-SOLD) Stock plenum $80. Stock throttle body $75. All prices plus shipping.
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    75# Delphi injectors

    A set of 75# Delphi injectors $260 plus shipping.
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    What turbo is this?

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    Trade 87 GN for Turbo T or T-Type....

    Thinking of trading my 1987 Grand National for a T-Type. Car has 149,000 miles on it and has t-tops. The motor was built by Grooms with: Speed Pro forged pistons & 206/206 cam, 7000 miles on motor. Transmission has all the good parts including a 9.5" 3000 stall N/lu torque convertor & was...