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    Assortment of parts!

    Prices are shipped to the lower 48. Cloyes timing chain and gear new $40 Bob Bailey 2-step box $100 MAF translator $100 Factory MA $75 4 inch MAF $50 lowering springs with bags $75 60 lbs injectors $30 Oil and coolent temp with gauge pod $75 rear shocks KYB $50 Chrome valve cover breathers $20...
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    knock on gauge but not scanmaster

    Right now I have a stock ecu and I’m looking to upgrade. I mostly street drive my car. I would say I’m a novice when it comes to tuning but would love to learn. What are the pros and cons of each? What does the 2.0 offer over the sportsman’s?
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    Bluetooth for OEM Stereo

    looking for a rear set of gnx fender flares. Would like only the rear two but will buy all if needed.
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    Good deal if anyone is looking for a fmic

    Looking to sell or trade for a FMIC. Comes with shroud coupling bracket and up pipe.
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    Real or Not?

    !!In dire need of the Buick community!! In less then a month I will be a newly dad! I convinced my fiancé into letting me bring home our baby girl in my 86 GN. Now here is the problem with that plan. A few nights ago I was taking out the GN to make sure she’s 100% ready and of course a problem...
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    TA Low profile Valve covers

    Looking for a transmission. I live in Washington state.
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    DYNO results in!

    Always wanted to know what kind of power my car was making in the stage it is in now. As it sits it has CAI, 3 inch down pipe with a dump, 60lbs injectors RJC power plate, stretched stock location intercooler, TA49 turbo, upgraded plugs and wires, TT chip, alcohol injection, bigger fuel pump...
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    Cat back exhaust

    Looking for an aftermarket car back exhaust. Mine exhaust is falling apart. I am located in the state of Washington so let me know what you have and price shipped.
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    Relocation of vacuum lines?

    I have my intake manifold off of the car now and I want to get a block off plate and run the lines to the back of the intake manifold. I know it’s been done before and I am just looking for guidance. What size drill and tap will I need I have vacuum brake booster so I would need to drill for...
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    Removing down to the intake manifold

    my engine bay has been looking very dirty and it’s time to take it apart to clean and replace all the cracked original vacuum lines and gaskets. As of now I have it all taken apart down the the intake manifold and that’s the furthest I’m going to go. My questions are What gaskets do I need to...
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    Stall converter upgrade from stock?

    Looking to upgrade my stock stall converter. I know nothing about stall converters/transmission parts. Here is a list of what I have done with my car now. CAI, TT Chip, TA49. 3 inch DP, 60 lbs injectors, upgraded fuel pump, Alkycontrol, valve springs, stretched stock location intercooler...
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    Losing boost under pull.

    If I am doing a pull on the street the boost comes in nice and stays at 20 psi but after shifting to second the boost drops to 12-15 psi but than will shoot back up to 20 psi after a few seconds. What could be causing this problem?
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    Aftermarket stock location intercooler/air/fuel gauge

    Looking for an aftermarket stock location intercooler and a air/fuel gauge. Ready to buy ASAP
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    I am all ready to install these new KYB shock absorbers in my car and have a few questions. I started on the back and it just doesn’t seem right. The KYB is the same size/shape as the bilsteins I took out but the bolts the KYB came with are where I have a question. I attached a few pictures...
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    At home Bushing replacement

    I’ve been upgrading my suspension and wanna buy a suspension bushing kit. Which would be the best kit to buy that could be done at home. I do not have a press to press out bushings just regular tools. Can anyone recommend a link to a bushing set.
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    Questions with digital dash install

    Hello, just wanted to make a post before I start my next project on my GN. I recently bought the Intellitronix LED digital dash off of jegs ( and I will be installing it this week coming...
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    What’s next for my GN

    I’ve had fun with my cars set up now but want more power! My mods now are kinda the basic stuff everyone does at first and I wanna know what I have to do to get to where I wanna be (400-450 hp). Right now my mod list is 80 lbs injectors, ta44 turbo, cai, 4 inch dp, exhaust electric cutout, RJC...
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    Super high idle in park (MAL code 24)

    When the car is in park it idles at 2k-2.2k and in drive it’s drops down but still will be a little high for liking. When it just started to happen I had mal code 24 but than that code went away but it still has the high idle. When I’m actually driving the car seems fine but at a dead stop or in...
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    Battery voltage at 11 constantly even after new battery/alternator

    Recently I bought a new battery and not even a few days later it was dead. I thought maybe it was just a bad battery so I warrentied and got another new one. Same thing happen! Took my alternator to get it tested and I was told it was dead. I now have a new battery and alternator and on my...
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    Orange constant wire getting no power.

    I been trying to figure this out for a week now and I’m at the point where If I can’t figure it out this weekend I am going to have to take it to a shop :mad:. My trunk, interior, and hood lights do not work. I checked all the fuses and they are good. Also checked the orange wire and it’s...