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    HVAC control Cables

    WTB both HVAC control cables. Need from the manual HVAC unit to the blend door pivot arm, and the one from the pivot arm to the Heater box. Ill need the attachment clips as well if possible. Located in south kentucky near BG/Nashville.
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    Headlight Harness

    WTB Good used headlight harness. As stock as possible with minimial Cuts and or no Cuts. Located in Central KY
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    HVAC wiring

    Hi guys, Im basically re-wiring the entire car based on some interesting practices, and a super involved and complicated alarm instillation. So long story short im trying to return most systems to stock, while upgrading to the Holley EFI kit cruz offers. MY HVAC wiring under the hood (blower...
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    HVAC wiring

    I need an un molseted HVAC electrical wiring for an 86 gn. apparently mine is been hacked beyond repair. Located in south central ky.
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    New Headlight Harness

    Does anyone make a new headlight harness? the brightner harness from castpers still uses old wiring, and im planning on going with the holley EFI and new stuff from cruz, and id hate to re-use the old junk next to the high quality new stuff??
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    Help near the Raleigh Area

    Hey all, I just recently moved to the raleigh area and got my car out of storage from sitting in ga for 4 years. I was hoping to find someone locally that could give it a good once over and get it tuned and not charge an arm and a leg. It runs and drives decently, but its been sitting for 4...
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    charging problems

    Hello all, Ive done some searching on the boards to find an answer but it inst exactly the info i was looking for, so ill see if it can be answered. I have an 86GN with the LT1 alternator on it, and with all the stuff running ( a/c, fan on high, lights i get 13.5 at the battery, but i only...
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    Charging problems.

    Hello all, Ive done some searching on the boards to find an answer but it inst exactly the info i was looking for, so ill see if it can be answered. I have an 86GN with the LT1 alternator on it, and with all the stuff running ( a/c, fan on high, lights i get 13.5 at the battery, but i only...
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    Correct routing for External wastegate and boost gauge

    Hello all, As my title says id like to know the proper way to do this. Car runs fine but the lines routing are sorta a mess, but as of now just the external gate is hooked to the 2nd port on the vacuum block, and the map sensor goes to the vacuum brake conversion nipple on the other side...
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    Hooker Header Install

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has any install pics with the hooker header setup. The design is different from most other setups, so i wanted to ask before i thought about getting a pair off ebay if theres any fitment issues or what not. Thanks for the help. Pictues will be greatly...
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    has anyone put a vacuum pump in thier car?

    Hello everyone, I have an 86GN and it was converted to vacuum brakes who knows when. the pedal was a brick so we put in an electric vacuum pump that ran the booster and some other misc things because of the cam we have in the engine. I saw that there are mechanical engine driven pumps for...
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    good 2004-R

    Looking for a new or good used 2004R. cant afford a big dollar built up one, but anything that your willing to go about 1k or under on would be great. A converter included would be prefered but not required. I have 2 700r-4 transmissions to use as trade if your interested. located near atlanta...
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    Intake won't seal: vacuum check valve questions

    Hello, Ive had a mechanic build a motor for my 86 GN, and everything's been going well. i have 2 questions: 1. what is the proper way to install the intake manifold? he has been having trouble sealing it. the first time it leaked air on the right side, got that fixed then it leaked water big...
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    How to prevent Thrust Bearing failure

    AS the title says, my last motor failed because of a severely worn thrust bearing, what ways can i prevent this from happening again? i ran redline 20 50 oil and always had good pressure, but still the failure occurred, any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
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    Cam Bearing Question

    Hey guys, Im building a motor here, and in both the motors that ive had in the car, both of them had severly worn cam bearings. I was wondering if anyone has info on imporved cam bearings, or anything i can do to keep this from happening again. part numbers and prices on stuff if anyone has...
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    Building Motor, Looking for oiling mods to

    Hey guys, Well its been decided we gotta build a motor instead of just re cranking the one we had. were getting upgrade stuff( eagle 4340 crank, arp bolts everywhere, je pistons , new rods ect) and since were doing all the machine work we decided were going to blue print the oiling system as...
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    All sorts of motor parts. preformance or otherwise

    I am in need of basically all motor parts, from a possible bare block to shortblock, to complete motors. All inquiries will be considered, location is in ga, so freight could be needed. Thanks for the help guys.
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    Engine blown due to no thrustwashers?

    Hey guys, Well apparently the motor in my 86 is done due to having no remaining thrust washers. we have 2 mech with 60 years of experience on it and in thier time they have not seen any gm motor do this with an auto trans, you guys have any info on what can cause this? i have been battling...
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    WTB: Intercooler Fan

    Hey guys, Looking for a good used or possibly new intercooler fan. or any possible leads to getting one, or a ac delco part number or whatever anyone can give me info to. thanks for the help. i have paypal for payment, and im in rochester ny presently.
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    Mini starter install

    Im trying to put in this mini starter i got off ebay per recommendations from a few board members. its the OEM style just a lighter weight and higher torque. Now what came off was 1 Big terminal and 2 smaller ones. and whats on this one are 2 big terminals and 2 small terminals. How ever which...