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    Valve cover issues

    Hey everyone. Having a valve cover fitment issue I was hoping someone else has come across and may know a trick to resolve it. I have an 87 GN, stroke build with champion irons, and GN1 covers to clear the roller rockers. I've removed the heat shield on the air box, all brand new motor mounts...
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    Valvr cover clearance

    Hey all, it's been awhile since I've posted, but have an issue I was wondering if anyone else has encountered. I've recently had the engine in my 87 GN rebuilt. Original block, champion iron heads, with TA calve covers, the ones with the turbo 6 logo and "Buick" on the covers. It has stock...
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    FTS 210/215 cam

    Hey everyone, I had a question concerning the new cam I just purchased from Full Throttle for the build I'm getting ready to do in my '87 GN. I bought their 210/215 cam to replace the stock one due to suspected worn lobe(s). Another reason for rebuild is to replace bearings, rather than having...