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  1. gunslinger

    Need an axle shaft

    Anyone in S NH or N Ma have a good rear axle shaft for a G80 rear that they want to sell? I've got a bent one.
  2. gunslinger

    SD2 extremely lean just off idle. Log inside

    Last week, for some reason my tune ate itself. Cells 1-4 copied themselves into cells 5-8. It barely ran and was extremely lean. I got that straitened out, but I still have an extremely lean condition just off of idle, and a little lean at idle. It's done this for a couple years, but not to...
  3. gunslinger

    I have an addiction.....

    This is the last 6 months or so. I can't resist a good deal on a gun. Now I have to find a deal on a bigger safe.
  4. gunslinger

    Anyone having any interior specials?

    I'm going to need carpet, seat covers, front seat buns, upper door panels, pull handle screw covers & hog rings. Can anyone put together a package for me? Doesn't have to be show quality stuff. My car is a nice driver.
  5. gunslinger

    NED 7/25

    Heading up Friday night. Weather looks like it's going to be pretty nice.
  6. gunslinger

    SD 2 chip failure, or PL failure??

    So today I drove my car 20 miles to work. stopped to grab breakfast, came back out, and the car wouldn't start. Towed it back to the shop and finally finished enough customers cars to check it out. Had spark, but no injector pulse. Had cam signal into and out of module. Good cam and crank...
  7. gunslinger

    No injector pulse

    Car was running fine. I stopped to get some breakfast, and it wouldn't start again Have spark, no injector pulse. Have cam signal at ECM, have crank signal at ECM, no injector output. Does the injector driver signal go through the powerlogger? I'm heading home now to pick up a spare ECM, but...
  8. gunslinger

    NED. 7/11

    I'm going to head up to see what my new combo can do. Looks like it's going to be a beautiful night with low humidity. Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
  9. gunslinger

    I didn't even want to race....well maybe a little

    Met a nice guy on the highway on my way home tonight. I was driving my GN home after a 10 hr workday, and he was cruising in his car with his 2 kids in the back seat. It looked like he wanted to go from about 60 mph or so. I was obviously bringing a sewing needle to a cannon fight, so I told...
  10. gunslinger

    A local lady asked me to post this for her.

    So a lady chases me down in traffic and tells me that she's moving and has to get rid of her GN. I haven't seen the car in person, but is sounds like a pretty decent car, and she's getting eager to sell it. Someone might get a good deal. If you'd like me to check it out,let me know...
  11. gunslinger

    New England Nationals

    They're starting tomorrow. Who's going, and what days? I'm going to be there on Sunday with my boy.
  12. gunslinger

    Lost oil pressure

    Got my new build running today. Priming the pump with a drill gave me 70psi, and on initial start up, oil pressure was around 75psi. I was breaking the cam in, running it at 2600rpm, and after around 15 minutes, oil pressure had dropped off to around 15psi. I shut it down to hopefully avoid...
  13. gunslinger

    Winged wonder

    Took these pics on the way home tonight. The "race car" had a bumper sticker that said "drag racing is for fast cars, autocross is for fast drivers." I bet if he removed the drag generator, he'd be a much faster driver. Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
  14. gunslinger

    Center caps

    I need a set of driver quality center caps for stock GN wheels. eBay has new sets for $140, but I thought I'd check here first. Thanks!
  15. gunslinger

    Heater pipes

    Does anyone have a set of heater pipes they want to sell. Let me know Thanks
  16. gunslinger

    Cotton's March 1st

    From their facebook page: Cotton's 2014 Open House Winter BBQ March 1st Great food, free raffles, sales, great times! Who's going?
  17. gunslinger

    Engine balancing question.

    My quick bearings and gasket job is quickly getting expensive. I took a perfect running engine apart and found two slightly bent intake valves, the number three main bearing is trashed, a cam with a couple lobes smaller than the others, a pitted and worn front cover....etc. According to the...
  18. gunslinger

    Precision GT3255e

    Center section was replaced by Precision turbo a couple years ago. Time in my sig was run with this turbo at 24psi. This is an amazing turbo for a lightly modded car with the stock converter. It spools very quickly, and really comes alive over 18psi. No shaft play other them the normal up and...
  19. gunslinger

    What happened to these bearings?

    So I'm going through my 135k mile original engine and I was was thinking I was wasting my money by replacing the rod and main bearings when I found this. The number 3 main is junk. It looks like it melted. All the rest of the bearings look great. The crank looks like it has some galling on...
  20. gunslinger

    Fel-pro intake gasket changed?

    I'm going through my engine, and I've ordered two intake gaskets sets. I've got the MS96033, and the MS96037 sets, and neither of them have the blue coating on them. They're just tin gaskets. Did felpro change them, or is there just a bad batch out there? I don't see these sealing at all...