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    Vegas Car show?

    Hey y'all, To those of you in the Vegas area, I am looking into visiting in the first part of April. I will be with a family member who is from Germany and loves American cars. So I was wondering if there is a car scene, or even better a car show during the time of my visit. Thanks for...
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    Smoke wins the championship...

    I'm happy my driver won, but I would have been happy with Jimmy Johnson winning it too! WOO HOO!
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    Anyone here near Eugene, OR?

    Hey y'all, If you're live in or near Eugene, OR and think you could help me out, please give me a PM and I'll give details. Thanks, I really appreciate it.
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    Who here lives near Eugene, OR??

    Hey y'all... I have a favor to ask of anyone that lives near Eugene, OR. Please PM me. Thanks.
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    Anybody know of the conditions on the PA TPKE??

    I'm heading out for the BPG meet tomorrow morning. Originally I was going to avoid the PA TPKE, but after looking again, it's the fastest way there. Does anyone know how the construction situation is from I 70, all the way to the Ohio border?? Thanks
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    "Ride For Pride" Cruise...

    I 'advertised' this cruise last year, and several people were interested but for various reasons, couldn't make it. The F-body car clubs are organizing a "Ride For Pride" cruise around the capitol beltway on Sunday, Sept. 11. This cruise has been expanded to American muscle. So Mustangs...
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    Red Roof and T-mobile access??

    Hey y'all, Going to BPG Ohio next weekend. Need to know how the internet access works at the Roof. There website says that this is a T-mobile hot spot. Does this mean I have to pay for the hot spot, or does that come with the room?? Thanks. See y'all there.
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    Are you a yankee or rebel??

    Found this neat test on another board I frequent. I scored 70% (Dixie).
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    GN parked in the garage of Pimp My Ride

    Was just watching Pimp My Ride (where they're pimping a Corolla) and saw them goofing off in front of a GN that's parked in teh garage. Looks like it might be a hot-air.. from what I saw of the rims. Please don't pimp the GN.
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    Anybody able to get GM parts cheap? Or from a junkyard.

    Just came home tonight and some a$$hole hit my truck. 2002 Chevy Trailblazer. Looks like it just got the driver's side taillight. I haven't taken a good look in the light, but from what I can tell, just the lense needs to be replaced. Can anybody who's a parts guy give me a good price on...
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    Does anybody know about imigration law?

    Just as the topic says... I could use some information. Please PM me.. that is, if the PMs work. If they don't.. just reply to this thread and I'll find another place to discuss this. Thank you.
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    Opinions on EZPass...

    After sitting at the bay bridge for ten mins (thank god I had AC going) and watching 5 Vipers blow by in the EZ pass lane I decided that I gotta get one (EZPass, not Viper :)) I would be using it occasionally for going thru the Harbor Tunnel, Bay Bridge, Del. Bridge and NJ TPKE. I don't...
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    For those of y'all who think your system thumps...

    Check this system out...
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    Big thanks to vendor Southeast turbo..

    At the nats Saturday evening, I purchased a pulley for my GN. Simple purchase, no big deal. A few hours later, I go to put my new purchase in my car, reach in my pocket and no keys. Cell phone, wallet, everything but keys. Ran to check if any of my friends had it. Nope. 680 miles from...
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    Webcam at the Corvette museum BG!

    Just found this on their website. There are a ton of webcams in that place. There is one outside too. Looks like a car show (of course it depends on when you look at this link) Here's the link to see the rest. If you have blockers on...
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    Is there going to be an internet dinner at BG?

    Has anyone heard of any plans for an internet dinner this year?? I just don't want to miss out on this one!
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    Going to BG from MD?

    Hey y'all, I'm plannin' on headin' out to BG on Wednesday morning. I'm not trying to break the sound barrier, but would like to cruise up in a group if anyone else is interested. If anyone else is headin' down or thru on Wednesday, let me know. Thanks.
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    Who's staying at the Motel V6

    OK, I keep hearing everyone saying they're going to be at the MotelV6 for Bowling Green. Just so I know what company I'm in, who all is staying at the 6??? This way I know who to say 'hi' to. My room will be the one stockpiled with beer. :) I'll be getting in Wednesday afternoon. See...
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    Failed again.. Maryland sux!

    Hey y'all, I put an emissions chip in my car and ran it again and actually got HIGHER HC this time. My car has blue tops, stock injectors and a functioning cat. I was thinking of dropping the fuel pressure, but decided not to. Right now it's at 43 vac off. The guy at the emissions...
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    Will a bad fuel filter hurt emissions #s??

    I'm in Maryland and I failed the test by a mere 20 points. I have a functioning cat, but this was on blue-tops, FP set normal and a street chip. About a week after the test, I found that my fuel filter was REALLY clogged. I had been having problems with it laying down under boost, but when...