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    AC lines / T Type chrome Light bezel corners

    Need a decent set of AC lines, the ones from the compressor that wrap across the radiator and down to the fittings at the radiator support. Also need chrome corner trim for headlight bezels, one is missing and the other is cracked.
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    burgundy interior parts. 87 T Type.

    Need some burgundy interior parts - Let me know what you have. I am open to possibly picking up a few more items, just message me and let me know what you have avail. Need: Steering wheel Kick panels Seatbelts Shifter handle
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    need a few interior parts

    Picking up a dark rosewood 87 T this weekend. The interior is burgundy. Looking for a decent burgundy steering wheel, Drivers sear power switch for front/back movement (This one is broken off at the stalk)
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    FAST Xfi

    Looking to go ahead and step into an XFI setup... Let me know what you have.
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    RJC Girdle and hardware $300 Shipped

    I have a RJC crank girdle (W/O crank scraper) that I picked up off the forum last year. I have purchased a new 249" shortblock that has a girdle already installed and I wont have a need for this one. Hardware pic included and everything is ARP. I am located in Little Rock, Arkansas. Some...
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    Racetronix Dbl pumper setup / Fuel lines / 120# injectors

    Looking for a Dbl pumper in-tank setup - Preferably with the hangar and harness' - would prefer AN fitting connections. Need 120# injectors - Preferably flow matched Larger fuel line kit tank to intake
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    Looking for a nice aluminum driveshaft...

    If anyone is looking to sell a nice 3.5" aluminum drive shaft, let me know.
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    Front Bumper Aluminum support / Rear Fiberglass bumper

    Searching for a front bumper Aluminum support. Also looking for a rear Fiberglass rear bumper.
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    696 - Dave

    696 - Great guy to buy from! Thanks again for the quick shipping and fast post of the shipping AWB info.
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    Looking for a set of Aluminum bumper supports and mounts / Aluminum drums

    Looking for a set of front and rear aluminum bumper supports that are behind the bumper itself. Also interested in a set of front and rear aluminum mounts for the supports. Decent set of aluminum drums Looking to lighten things up a tad.
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    Grand national dash plaque

    Looking for a nice GN dash plaque that mounts above the glove box. Mine has been damaged in the past. Let me know what you have. Thanks fellas.
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    Looking for a PW39 wastegate

    Anyone looking to upgrade to a bigger gate, I am interested in a PW39 if its taking up space!
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    Roller Cam, roller lifters

    Looking for a roller camshaft and lifters, if you are going to upgrade to a bigger stick and want to sell your current one, let me know.
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    Still on lookout for GN 15x10 wheels

    Looking for a set of widened GN 15x10 wheels - I know there are the aluminum ones out there, but I wanted to find a pair that wont look different than the stock front wheels. Im not picky on looks, as I want to use them for track time only. Thanks!
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    GN Fender badges

    I have a pair of used GN badges that were off the car when I purchased it. Car was repainted and they had not been installed. Overall not terrible shape, good for a driver car, not bent or warped, but of patina on them that may polish out but I don't want to damage them. V6 area has a few...
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    Thanks for the quick shipping - Received really quick, didn't even have a chance to open the package until today, and it was exactly has he quoted. A great guy to deal with. Thanks again
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    Excellent shipping on the Alky kit, packaged up nice and quick shipping. He even knew it reached my house before I did. Great guy to deal with. Thanks again Pal!
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    Excellent transaction and quick shipping! Kept me informed and arrived with no worries. Thanks again for the control arms!
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    Excellent seller! Received my emblems and they are simply beautiful and exactly as he had posted their condition. Quick shipping and great guy to buy from. Thanks so much!
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    Thanks again Ivan! Great transaction and IAC harness arrived in excellent shape! Great guy to buy from!