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    caliper's , rotors , pads and drums ideas

    So I am looking at doing my brakes and do not want to spend a ton of $$$ of aftermarket pricy stuff. wondering if anyone has ideas of parts that are better than factory but can bolt on and interchange. I want to keep rear drums . are there any drums that are lighter but not the original...
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    motor rebuild ideas

    I wanted to try the 4.1 swap but am concerned with the smog demons here in California. Any ideas on pistons , cam that might help ? Probably heads too to get her breathing better? Brands and any part numbers would be great. would love to spend the extra money and have her running better than stock
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    Issues getting on

    I have had a hard time getting on here the last few weeks . Constantly says " can not find server" anyone else having issues ?
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    wanted 83 header style exhaust manifolds

    in the next few months id like to find a few things. 83 Header style manifolds. or if anyone has any custom ones or can make them. also a larger down pipe just pm me a price. Thanks Jason
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    IS 4.5 B.S TO big on the back? what size tires should be used. front will be 15x7 with 4" bs
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    Wheels wanted (T type 84-85 gn or vectors 15x7

    )looking for some 15x7 stock style GN or 86-87 t type or vector wheels 15x7 or maybe something else. need some wheels. what you got and how much? thanks
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    Will any of these work on a 81-87 " 15x6" 3 3/4" rear spacing 3 mm offset 15x7" 4 3/8" rear spacing 6mm offset 15x8" 4 1/2" rear spacing 0mm offset also what tire sizes would you recommend. was thinking 15x7 in front and 15x8 in the rear. stock brakes for now though may go with aftermarket...
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    4.1 swap question on a 81 ( california)If the block is the same on the exterior will they know? Alst

    I have a stock 81 sport coupe. has a bad knock. I was thinking of using a 4.1 in my rebuild and was wondering if anyone has tried that on the carbed cars. my worry is California smog.
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    Rebuilt short block wanted ( B4B )

    Looking for a rebuilt short block. 3.8 or 4.1 for a 81 sportcoupe so was thinking of possibly trying the 4.1 since it was the same block I am wondering if we could get that past california smog. regardless I need one or the other.
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    parts questions

    What is everyone running for brakes.? any aftermarket brake kits for 14" ? also does anyone know if energy suspension does a complete bushing kit? it looks like a few of the bushings overlap in there kits. or is there any other complete kits anyone uses?
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    my new sport coupe

    Just brought this one up a week ago, needs work but no rust. Landau is cracking though. everything is there minus the door , trunk and glove box key lol. has a Rod Knock so I am thinking of using a 4.1 like Rich has suggested with his build. this one looks like a barn find and I am super Super...
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    sport coupe or t type wheels

    wondering if anyone wants to sell any wheels. Need about a month before I can get them as this months $$$ is going to get the car up here. Really like the 83 wheels though 81 and 82 would be ok as the car has the hubcap look going now
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    Anyone headed from LA to Sacramento that would want to pull a buick?

    Mid October? would pay he gas and trouble lol
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    found a 83 thinking of selling my 81

    I found a 83 so was thinking of selling the 81. it has no drivetrain. straight california car clean title. does need a few patches in the floor and to be completely sanded and painted. along with interior. minimal surface rust as I can tell. could probably use a new drivers door as there is a...
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    My 81

    Here are a few pictures of My 81. I have more in the members rides area. Charlie has been a great help with pointers and ideas. Questions does anyone here have a 81 they rebuilt? I have heard there are differences with 81 and 82-83 but I am looking to try and get more info on my car. Smog...
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    Grill for sale

    Anyone need a grill? Not sure what its worth $150 ? plus shipping let me know. Jason
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    Anyone need a 78-80 turbo hood? Pick up Norcal

    Anyone need a turbo hood? Great shape $100 In Placerville CA By Sacramento
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    I need a black or dark Grey Buick 3 spoke steering wheel. for a 81 would even take one off a a 78-80 if it was the 3 spoke pattern Need everything for the wheel. as I just got vice grips turning it now lol.
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    Header Panel studs

    question. Do they sell header panel mounting studs? I have one that broke off it appears. could be super glued on again but its missing. heres a picture of a good one and this one file://localhost/Users/heatherfloyd/Desktop/0-1.jpe
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    looking for sport coupe emblems and sunroof motor

    for a 81 plus a sunroof motor for a 81 as well