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  1. Tori

    Stalling issue, no restart

    Hey guys, my car just developed a problem today. Stalled while driving on the highway. Got it towed home, it sat all day until i got off work,... of course it restarted then but then died within a few blocks. Had to let it sit for a couple hours before it would restart, and got it the...
  2. Tori

    Intercooler mount bracket

    Hi guys, quick question.... The bolt fell out of this mount, and it doesn't directly line up with the bolt hole in the intercooler. Is there supposed to be a spacer in between the mount bracket and the intercooler, or do i have some other alignment issue ?
  3. Tori

    Morel lifters are loud

    my starter just shit the bed, figure while i'm at it i'll replace with a cool guy gear reduction starter. I know i don't need it, but i like the way they sound...... Anyway, anyone using one ? I tried to search for info on them here, but only came up with 3 posts from 10+ years ago.
  4. Tori

    My turn again.... CO% to the moon

    Smog hasn't been an issue for me for a few years but recently I've made some significant changes and now am at GP levels. (42# injectors and DW300 pump) I forgot to turn the FP down, and am hoping that is a big contributor to the #'s. It was also throwing a code 45 HC @ idle - 388...
  5. Tori

    Sway bar rattle

    After 3 years i've finally discovered the rattle in the rear of my car. :banghead: The rear sway bar is contacting the bottom of the differential housing. Anyone else had this issue ? Been driving me nuts. Anyway to position it downward some ? There is currently only about 3/16"...
  6. Tori

    SMC kit - bottle mount location

    Been reading and searching for an answer to this, but have not found anything. Especially with the loss of so many Photobucket pictures. :( Anyway, I've got an SMC progressive Alky kit with the rectangle bottle and an aluminum framed holder. Anyone else have this same kit ? If so, can...
  7. Tori

    42# injectors Where to buy

    Looking to buy a set of 42# injectors. Was hoping to buy them from Eric, but his website shows them out of stock. I've sent him an email asking about an ETA, but have not heard back. Where else can i get them ?
  8. Tori

    Browning A-5 synthetic stock FS

    Bought this hoping it would fit my Savage 745B (it will not) Make me an offer.
  9. Tori

    Touch-up those chrome vents

    Ran across this trick on another car forum... I'd be most of our vents are in similar condition as mine,... where the chrome edge is wearing off. Thought this paint pen was a pretty reasonable solution. I bought the 2mm tip, but...
  10. Tori

    Complete Vacuum Brake set up

    ALL the components needed to convert your GN to power vacuum brakes. 10.75 Dual diaphragm booster, matching reman. master, filter, hoses, and new vacuum block for top of intake. (vacuum block not shown as it's still on my car, but will come off this weekend) These parts have been on my...
  11. Tori

    Adjusting Bosch 233 regulator

    Im under the impression you can adjust the Bosch 233 fuel pressure regulator. Is that true, and what tool does it take to get down in there ? I cant quite make out what it takes, maybe a very thin flat blade screw driver ?
  12. Tori

    Another alternator issue

    How can i make this $%#@! alternator turn on ? Just replaced the voltage regulator, and now no charge. Volt light does not come on with key, but i have the resistor bulb set up so that isn't a factor. Gauges fuse is good, I have grounded the brown wire at the alt. connector and the Volt...
  13. Tori

    used original GN hood pad

    Just installed a new Hood skinz..... Is there any interest in my old one ? Hate to throw it out. Lemme know if you're interested and i'll post a couple pics. It has two holes, the print work is still pretty good. Located in CA.
  14. Tori

    Bumper impact strips

    Front and rear impact strips. Both have been painted gloss black. The front is flaking off, the rear is good to go. Front has a couple small dings, and one end lightly touched a wall smooshing the end just slightly. The rear has one little dingy,..... i tried to take accurate pics to show...
  15. Tori

    Audible commercials now ???

    Is this new? Not only is it annoying as F, but it scares the livin' shit outta me everytime some strange voice comes at me talking about some random thing, plus late at night when everyone else in the house is asleep, that just isn't cool. Has happened 3 times tonite. Anyone else...
  16. Tori

    Aftermarket turn signal lenses - ebay

    Just a warning post about these lenses. Finishing up the repaint on my '87 i discovered the front corner turn signal lenses i had bought from eBay fit horribly. The upper radius that wraps around the headlight bezel doesn't match at all, and there's a noticeable air gap that can be seen a...
  17. Tori

    Alternator not charging after repaint

    Strange i know,..... had the car at the bodyshop for repaint, was there for 5 weeks. Now that it's back and i'm reassembling things, i notice the battery isn't charging. Battery going dead after several starts to move the car around, and volt meter shows no charge. I did pull several...
  18. Tori

    Grey carpet,..... any one have ?

    I hate black carpet in a vehicle. Makes the interior so dark,and the floor becomes a blackhole to anything below your knees. I'm considering replacing my black carpet with grey. Any thoughts on that ? And any chance someone feels the same and has grey carpet in their GN ?
  19. Tori

    Exhaust question: DP/flange options

    Just installed the Pypes cat back system. Here's my problem. My 3" downpipe is flanged for a 3 bolt flange. So is the CAT i use, and the test pipe. The Pypes system is set with the 4 bolt flange for the stock CAT. I need to somehow adapt the 3 bolt flange to the 4 bolt flange somehow...
  20. Tori

    What fuel pump is this?

    Don't know if this is just the stock pump, and the factory scribd these numbers or if this is an upgrade. Anybody?