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  1. turbojay

    VDO Boost Gauge - $40

    VDO boost gauge for sale. It was working fine when removed. Comes with vacuum hoses as seen in pics. Can be picked up locally near Chicago. $30 + shipping.
  2. turbojay

    New Stereo & Speakers

    After completing a long, long list of upgrades and repairs to the engine, trans, suspension, etc the last 11 years of owning my Grand National, I finally found time and money to replace the 80s/90s stereo and speakers. I went with the kit from, came with 6 rockford fosgate speakers...
  3. turbojay

    First Time on a Dyno

    Put my 87 GN on a mustang dyno for the first time last weekend after owning the car for over 10 years. It ran pretty good. 27-28 lbs boost at 5900 RPMs, AFR showed 11, with zero knock made 475 HP at the wheels. Dyno Video
  4. turbojay

    18/19" GNX Replica Wheels Installed

    After much thought and research, I decided to go for it and buy the new GNX reproduction wheels from and tires from I got the wheels ceramic coated and they look phenomenal. Set of 2 18" x 9" and 2 19" x 9.5" with power 6 Hex GNX style caps 255/35R-18...
  5. turbojay

    RJC Boost Controller, $50 Shipped

    RJC Boost Controller. In perfect working order, was on my car for about 2 years and less than 1k miles. I bought it new from RJC Racing. $50 shipped.
  6. turbojay

    Electrical/Computer Gremlins. Looking for Bob Bailey

    I'm hoping someone can help me out with this issue. My GN intermeditly dies or the engine bucks while driving or idling. Also the fan come on as soon the key is in the on position even though the temperature is under 165. Also, the alky led light flickers red when this issue is occurring. In the...
  7. turbojay

    Rebuilt & Powdercoated Alternator

    Had the original alternator rebuilt to stock specs, also got it powdercoated came out pretty nice.
  8. turbojay

    Oil Catch Can & Valve Covers Installed

    I had been looking for a solution for oil coming out of the valve cover breathers under boost and came up with valve covers from, they have a 1" hole and come with rubber grommets. Fel-pro gaskets. Adapters from...
  9. turbojay

    Took Down 2008-09 Audi S8(V10)

    I don't race often, too scared mostly so this is my first "kill" in a long time. My GN's been stuck in storage since last fall, I finally brought it home yesterday, gave it a once over, and everything looked to be in good order. I decided to drive it to work this morning. As I'm stopped at a...
  10. turbojay

    PowerMaster (PM) Brake Pedal

    Looking for a Powermaster brake pedal.
  11. turbojay

    Ridetech Suspension Installed

    Ridetech single adjustable coilovers front and rear. Upper and lower control arms front and rear. Ridetech front sway bar and Detroit Speed rear sway bar. I had reputable mechanic install the front parts and a buddy and I installed the rear. Car is aligned and ready to go. Overall the...
  12. turbojay

    Ridetech Front Musclebar

    I'm thinking of going with full Ridetech suspension front and rear and had one question. Anyone know if the Ridetech front musclebar will fit with a Precision SLIC? I searched the website and was not able to find an answer to this question. Thanks.
  13. turbojay

    LS1 MAF (3.5 Inch) $75.00 Shippedy

    LS1 MAF for sale. Size is 3.5 inches, it was working perfectly when I took it off my GN last week. I'm located just north of Chicago. $75.00 shipped. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. turbojay

    Identify Two Wires/Plugs

    Can someone please tell me what these two wires/plugs in green are used for? They are hanging by the brake booster. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. turbojay

    145 MPH Stock Gauge Cluster - $130.00 Shipped

    I bought this 145 MPH cluster from Casper's Electronics last year. John told me this cluster was calibrated and tested by them, I just never used it. I am going with a custom setup so this one's for sale. I bought it for $130.00 and I'll let it go for the same and I'll pay for the shipping.
  16. turbojay

    Pair of FEL-PRO 9441PT Head Gaskets - $40.00 Shipped

    I have brand new pair of FEL-PRO 9441PT Head Gaskets that I never used. Summit Racing has them for $28.97 each. I'll sell the pair for $40.00 shipped.
  17. turbojay

    Grand National Factory Rims with Caps - $400

    Grand National factory rims in very good driver condition. Rims have around 40k miles on them. Tires are old but still hold air. The caps are included if sold at asking price. Rims located in NW Suburbs of Chicago. Local pickup only. $400 or best offer.
  18. turbojay

    New Powerlogger File

    Attached is my powerlogger file for your review. Please let me know if anything shows out of whack. Please disregard the fuel pressure readings, I cannot get Powerlogger to correctly read from the fuel pressure transducer yet. Is the TPS too low at WOT?
  19. turbojay

    Happy, happy

    Finally got my hands on some methanol. My GN has no traction at 24 lbs of boost but it sure is a blast to drive. Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
  20. turbojay

    Ev87Ttype...Great Buyer

    Ev87Ttype bought a set of rims from me today. It was a very positive experience. Evan - I hope you enjoy the rims.