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    GM Brake switch for powermaster and Kirban Accumulator (Brake bowl)

    I have a GM Pressure switch for powermaster and a Kirban Brake accumulator. $330 for the set includes shipping. Paypal or Venmo. (Must use paypal as gift so I don't pay fees) Thanks!
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    New shifter? Tired of stocker

    Stock shift handle is broken, I don't feel like paying and arm and a leg for a crummy stock shift handle. Thinking of a more permanent solution that looks good. I searched the old threads but didn't find anything with these...
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    Power Steering pump and box

    Who makes a good power steering pump for our cars? I converted to hydroboost and now my pump is noisy (I think it's just old and wore out and the extra load finished it off). My Steering box started leaking too, anyone make a good one? Thanks!
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    Hydroboost conversion driving me crazy (Guru’s?)

    For some reason I decided to convert to Hydroboost. I bought the Hydratech setup, wilwood master cyl and also converted to wilwood 4 piston front brakes. I had horrible problems with air but got them resolved. Here is my current issue. When stepping on the brake firmly my red brake warning...
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    Brake line nut & thread sizes

    I am doing my wilwood brake kit install on my car and I think the adapter fittings are wrong. What size is the line nut where it connects to the flex line? (Referring to thread size and pitch) Thanks!
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    Safety wire, did I do it right?

    Doing my first upgrade that requires safety wire. Never had to do it before so I just followed instructions and did my best. Look ok or should be pulled tighter?
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    Line lock? What parts needed?

    So I’m putting in my Hydroboost system and I suddenly said to myself, hey dumbass why aren’t you putting a line lock in at the same time? Wondering who makes a good solenoid that doesn’t leak (is reliable) and what parts are needed. My 7 year old loves to ride in the car so it needs to be safe...
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    Need new 3" exhaust

    So I dropped my car off at a fab shop to have the intercooler pipes modded and downpipe fitted. The flange on one of my 15 year old mufflers was starting to break so I said hey, put some mufflers on it. Bad idea, not I need a fully system. So here's the question, who makes a nice dual 3"...
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    headliner falling apart, save it?

    My headliner is falling apart, I got a new one from nos4gn. The question I have is there any point to saving the old one for the backing or just chuck it? Thanks! Scott
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    Front shock rubber upper mounts (Isolators)

    About 15 years ago I put Bilstein shocks on my Buick but now the upper mount isolators (bushings) are all cracked an nasty. I would love to just put poly urethane bushings back in since they last a lot longer. Anyone know what sizes and or part numbers are needed? Thanks!
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    IAC Relearn (Idle relearn)

    Does anyone have the write up on how to reset the IAC and do the relearn? I could not find anything using the search here and nothing on GN I changed the throttle body on the car and I think the throttle screw is set wrong because IAC counts are over 40 and car stalls when I just do...
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    RJC Powerplate for stock intake

    RJC Powerplate for stock intake, worked great for me, not using stock setup anymore. The EGR passage has been opened up, (they are blocked off when new) $50 shipped Just give me a day or two to ship, Post office is a pain to get to.
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    Nice bolts for radiator cover

    Didn't somebody have nice bolts for the radiator cover? I've been looking around but can't find any. I'm looking for some to go with my super awesome spool fool radiator cover. Thanks! Scott
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    Powerlogger update to Win 10???

    My windows 7 laptop died. I have 2 windows 10 laptops (don's ask why). Is there any plans to update it so we can use a windows 10 laptop? Thanks
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    Oh boy....

    So I modified my wastegate puck on my old downpipe with an old kit. It looks like the body of the downpipe does not correctly contact the sealing area where it bolts to the turbo. It's an old Terry Houston pipe. So it looks like I need a new downpipe. Who makes a good downpipe these days? I'm...
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    TA Performance headers (Need help)

    I have a set of TA Performance headers. (See link) The crossover flange bolts did not come with my kit as they show in the item picture. The bolts are not the same size as stock. I called them but they are closed for the week. Anyone know what size they are? Thanks...
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    Wilwood brake kit, anybody have one?

    I have had a Wilwood brake kit for my GN for a long time and never put it on. It is the one that fits behind the stock wheels with 4 piston calipers. 140-11009. Who...
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    Cooler lines, fluid flow.

    I'm doing some custom -6 cooler lines front to back on the car to get rid of the old steel lines, my question is, which port on the trans is fluid out and which is fluid in? Is it the top or the bottom? Thanks.
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    What size are the fittings for the oil cooler in the radiator?

    I wanted to re-do some of my engine oil cooler lines with aeroquip fittings. I couldn't tell for sure what size they are in the radiator. Anyone know? Thanks!
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    Caspers Translator GEN 2 adapter harness

    This is the caspers adapter harness that lets you plug in a Translator Gen 2 to a Turbo Buick without cutting up your stock harness. Super Sweet! Price is $80 shipped. Thanks!