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    Looking for 3" high flow cat for 86/87 TR

    ArizonaGN. Made a few a while back.
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    200-R4 Tool set

    Send me a price if or when you have one. Thanks
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    Buick’s at Bates 2020 - Hybrid

    Very nice job on the engine packaging. Detailed routing with ease of maintenance from the looks.
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    A few parts needed

    I should have complete inner door parts, upper tubular front arms that use b body spindles, and a set of quarter windows I can get pics when I get home Monday
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    Engines and Engine parts

    Stock Used heads
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    87 GN TV cable

    Have a NOS one and in Phoenix.
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    Looking for test pipe for 3 inch downpipe.

    Have a few. Will get you a price tomorrow, just need to look up the price I paid.
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    Wtb Power steering reservoir and dip stick

    Have a used and a NOS reservoir and just need to find where the mount brackets are. Are you looking for an oil dip stick?
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    Test pipe for stock down pipe ( for my ‘87 GN)

    I think I have, let me look tomorrow.
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    SRT10 or 07 Saleen S331

    Anyone own either a SRT10 4dr or 07 Saleen S331? Would like some real world experiences with either.
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    Stock turbo Garrett .63 exhaust housing

    I have a couple. Will Pm you when I get home later
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    A turbo and a few dipsticks ....... and a few more items

    All the Dipstick set are sold
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    A turbo and a few dipsticks ....... and a few more items

    Grills T-type grill $275 Shipped lower 48 Repro 87 GN grill has nick $175 Shipped lower 48 Grill 1 SOLD Grill 2 $175 Shipped lower 48 Grill 3 $155 Shipped lower 48 Grill 4 $155 Shipped lower 48
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    A turbo and a few dipsticks ....... and a few more items

    Taillights GN $275 shipped in lower 48 T-Type $195 shipped in lower 48
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    A turbo and a few dipsticks ....... and a few more items

    TE45A new with braided feed line, silicon 3" hose adapter and RJC boost controller. $885 shipped lower 48 Oil dipstick/tube and Trans dipstick $65 shipped lower 48 Each 3 set available New Power master Accumulator ball and Switch, Front pads Rear Shoes $300 shipped US Quarter Windows...
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    Fuel system build

    InnovativeParts.Net make a complete fuel system with wiring kit and fuel line.
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    WTB: 86/87 IC’ed wiring harness, down pipe

    I have 2 Nice "87 engine harnesses.
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    Wheel Caps

    Ok, shoot me a PM