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    Hood Shock bolts

    I need the hood shock bolts for an 87 GN. Lmk... James
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    Hood shock bolt

    Anyone have an extra hood shock bolt they can sell in the Houston area? Lmk... thanks James
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    Power window switch

    Do you have to remove the whole door panel to replace the driver side power window switch on 87 GN?
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    Rear view mirror

    Need rear view mirror for 87 GN, must be in excellent condition.
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    Anti theft module

    I need the anti theft black box module for my 87 GN, let me know of a good used one for sale. James
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    Theft deter module black box

    Anyone know where to source one of these for my 87 GN? I can get the relay off eBay. James
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    Silver/black..good guy

    He has a excellent seller rating with me. Bought 2 items from him this month, great packing and fast shipping. Both items were as described, smooth transactions and great communications! Would do business with again !
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    MAF translator

    Anyone have a MAF translator 6.25 for sale local?
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    WTB.. stainless coolant hard line

    Found at Jeg's but on back order, I need the hard lines without the barb ends for 87 GN. Thanks, James
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    Chrome heat shield

    Anyone have a problem of it turning dark from turbo and engine heat ?
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    Chrome turbo shield

    Looking for a chrome turbo shield. Needs to be cut for 3" down pipe.
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    Front cover question

    I just bought a used front cover for my 87 GN, I thought all large engine parts have a GM part # molded in to ID it. Is this true or did I get an aftermarket part.
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    Looking for front cover

    Anyone have a good used front cover for sale ? For 87 GN
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    Timing cover gasket set

    This is for the experts, on the timing cover gasket set, do I get the one with a rope seal or rubber seal ? For 87 GN Thanks
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    WTB Red Armstrong 93 octane chip

    Need a Red Armstrong chip for 93 octane, 009 injectors and with 2800 stall.
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    OE GN center cap

    Need two new GN center caps, for 87 GN. Let me know what you have. Thanks, James
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    87 GN grill removal

    Can someone give me detailed instructions on how to remove the front grill ? Thanks, James
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    CAS V4 shroud

    WTB CAS V4 shroud only. If anyone has a good used one, please sell it to me. Lmk... James :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
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    Cas V4 intercooler ... $450 shipped

    Cas V4, 19 row stock location intercooler, excellent condition. Comes with the 2 brackets for installation. Now the bad part, I don't have the shroud, the previous owner didn't have it. $450 shipped to lower 48, pics upon request... Thanks, James :smile:
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    Intercooler repair

    I've got a CAS V4 that's got damage to the fin area. Anyone know of a repair shop in the Houston area ? Thanks, James :cool: