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    Had/have a car for sale.. posted my add as honestly as I could.. guy told me he wanted it. Said he sent me a check signature required. My ex signs up under a false name and posts negative comments about the car to try to ruin the sale for me... found out this and talked to the guy, he said he...
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    Must Sell ASAP - 86 TTYPE

    1986 Black TType 72k miles. The photo was of when we just bought it and were bringing it home. Its been in storage since. Dash has been taken apart by my ex.. i dont know why he did that, but all the parts are there. The grill is missing, the headliner is sagging, the car does not run. I am...
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    not a TB tranny question.. but knew you guys were the best

    :confused: I've been running circle track in a purestock class, Rugg was hired as a tech man over there. He checked trannys last Saturday to see if they ran all the gears. He had the towtruck lift the rear bumper and they ran and shifted through all the gears. One car only had low. We only...