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    burgundy passenger seat

    im looking for a passenger side burgundy seat for my 87 T, or a seat bottom. mine is ripped and im looking to replace it. possibly meet at buick nationals in bowling green?? thanks greg
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    Weighing budget hydroboost options

    Im in the process of gathering parts to convert my 87 turbo t to hydroboost. Ive seen the astro van conversions, but ive stumbled upon a unit off an 80s b body GM that looks extremely similar to one off a hot air turbo g body. I picked up the b body unit and ive sourced a g body diesel unit from...
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    GN1 Fmic and center caps

    Up for sale is a brand new gn1 intercooler, never been ran on a car all hoses, connectors and clamps included. One dent on core, only you will know it's there when its installed. 600 plus shipping. Shipped in two boxes( I work at FedEx ground so it will be discounted) And also brand new...
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    For sale: chrome battery cover , and chrome turbo head shield

    Up for sale is a chrome grand national battery cover, has a few bits of chrome flaked (see pics) I'd like 110 shipped for it And a chrome turbo heat shield has some specks of rust but I think they'll polish out good. 120 shipped U.S. shipping only I know I am new here but I have plenty of...
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    Buick turbine wheels

    Looking for a pair (2) of the stock turbo t wheels. Hopefully somewhere close to bowling green ky Thanks!
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    Powermaster cycling every 10 seconds

    Hey guys, the powermaster in my turbo t cycles every 10 seconds it seems like. No brake light, and it stops great... I can hear a small hiss under the dash while the car is on, and goes away with a touch of the pedal. Also, if I turn the car off I can hear the hiss slowly go away, which I assume...