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    Body parts for sale--need help w/pics!!

    Hey to all: I have some items for sale, but I need help posting pics for these. I apologize to all who responded last time, but I got aggravated when I could not figure out how to post. If someone can help I hope to move these items quick. 2 wheels--no center cap--driver quality--$75 86...
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    grille, wheels, trunk and doors

    Hey guys I sold my 86 GN and these are the extra pieces I had left that I was going to use and replace the bad parts on my car: 2 wheels--driver quality, no center caps--$75 86 grille--good condition--$75 Regal decklid that I painted black--no rust--$100 2 Regal doors that are still on the...
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    86 Gn-$6900/trades?

    Hello I have an 86 GN with 132k miles for sale in SW VA. I am located maybe 10-15 minutes from either I-81 or I-581/Rte220. The car has a .020 rebuilt motor, 40 pound injectors. adjustable wategate and fuel regulator, 3" terry houston downpipe, TE-44 turbo, Hooker 2 1/2" cat back exhaust...
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    vacuum leak

    I have an idle that goes up and down when the car is cold--I have been told on here that it could be a vacuum leak causing that. Where would I start to look for any leaks as I am clueless where to search. Could it be an easy fix? Any help would be great. Thanks-- Eric
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    86 GN for sale in VA

    Hello Posting my 86 gn for sale with 132k miles. Motor rebuilt with less than 1000 miles on it. TE-44 turbo, scanmaster, 40 lb injectors, 3" downpipe, adjustable wastegate and fuel regulator, Hooker exhaust, locker rear end with airbags, excellent interior minus cracked dash. Body is fair with...
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    86 Gn

    Hello! I have an 86 GN for sale here in sw VA. Car has 132k on the body, and the motor was rebuilt right before I bought it. Motor has TE-44 turbo with 40 lb injectors. 3" downpipe, adjustable fuel regulator, adjustable wastegate, Hooker 2 1/2" catback system, locker rear, airbags, and RA 93...
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    86 GN for sale in VA

    Hello all Have an 86 GN w/ 132k miles, rebuilt motor and trans w/ the good stuff in them. Body is fair--some rust in lower doors and trunk--but I have the panels to replace. Fix this and get a paint job and this car will be super sharp!! 2 extra wheels, new windshield and headliner. Interior is...
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    idle problem

    Hello I sure would like to know why when my 86 is started the idle goes up then comes down like it will almost quit--then pop back up to normal--only to repeat the process several more times.It gets much worse when it is cold outside. I know others have had this problem(hopefully). Any ideas...
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    grand national wanted

    How far will you go and what do you mean by unmolested? I have an 86 for sale but I do not want to waste your time if it isnt what you are looking for. The mileage is 132k, motor rebuilt and price $7000 Thanks--Eric
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    Rough idle

    Hello Would like some help on a question that has probably been asked a million times. My car 's idle goes up and down when it starts and sort of gets better when it warms up. Now its really bad when its cold outside--but now it has gotten better. But it is never a smooth idle--always a little...
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    need buyer for the 86

    Hello 86 GN is for sale. 132k miles-rebuilt engine-new headliner-new windshield-rust on trunk(have extra), door corners(have access to 2 non GN doors)--all seats good--scanmaster--2 extra wheels--new antenna assembly--extra 86 grille(non-86 on there now). Did have pics,but they were on the...
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    86 GN--and trans. IS fixed!

    Hey guys I did post this car for sale earlier w/ a possible converter problem--turns out it was the trans filter was clogged. Just found that out today from a transmission shop in town. So I will pick it up tomorrow and drive it home-PHEW!! Big relief! So heres the particulars again: 132K, some...
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    86 GN for sale

    Hey guys Hate to do it--butI have decided to sell the GN. Reason being is that I want another car and this one has to go. Plus, I do not know really that much about improving the car and I want someone who has the time,knowledge and really wants to enjoy the car. I have only had the car for a...
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    Bad idle and hesitation

    Hello I haven't posted in quite awhile, but I could really use some help. But before I ask, I will give you the car's set-up. T-44 turbo, 3 inch downpipe, 40 lb injectors, 93 octane chip, Armstrong fuel pump hot-wired, 3000 stall converter, and 2 1/2 " Hooker cat back exhaust system. I have...
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    door and trunk rust

    Hello Been a long time since I have posted--but better late than never. :) Now that I have gotten back into the GN and taken it on a cruise--which it did ok--but got a tad hot in all that traffic. I have a donor trunk and am going to get two doors also. Is rust in the trunk where the trunk...
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    simply cut off!

    Well last night I was just driving along about 55 mph and all of a sudden the motor just cut off and luckily I was able to coast to the side of the road. My gas gauge has been acting up lately, but I filled it up with 5 more gallons. The engine will turn, but no fire. It is now, unfortunately...
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    turbo gasket

    Hello I just purchased an 86 GN and am brand new to this. But the seller had a new TE-44 turbo, so I had it installed. The mechanic would not pass it(inspection) because the gasket going to the downpipe was shot. He says its an asbestos mesh type gasket and this thing is next to impossible to...