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    Bottom end limits?

    I recently purchased a Stage 2 car, and I'm trying to put together a build plan to put me at least deep into the 8's next year. The engine was assembled ten years ago but only has a little break-in time on it. I'll probably at a minimum tear it down for inspection and reassembly, but I am...
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    Comp cam specs from ~2004?

    I recently purchased a car with a Stage 2 engine that was assembled ~12 years ago. I'm trying to figure out all the details on the build, but the engine builder did not have records back that far and the prior owner had only partial records. First, I'm trying to track down some info on the...
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    Hood clearance

    I just bought an '86 T-Type with a S2 engine. Currently has a carb manifold and a Precision 90-deg plenum, which makes it tall enough to necessitate a cowl hood (which I don't care for). What intake manifolds are available that will provide clearance to a stock-style hood? Chris
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    Built 1999 Jeep trade for modified '86-'87 GN?

    '99 Jeep TJ Wrangler gunmetal blue with black half doors 52k miles 4-cylinder 5-speed 4.5" lift Currie Antirock front swaybar removed flares 36/12.50/15 TSL's (pretty low tread) Ford 9" axles with 5.13 gears, spooled rear, Detroit'd front with manual hubs full cage Kilby gas...
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    What's this worth?

    Hi, guys, In your opinions, what's this car worth? ---------------- 1984 T-TYPE Vehicle Description Heres the good.This car has lots of potential,but also needs some work.Mtor has about 15,000 on rebuild.Forged pistons 30 over,balanced,42.5lb injectors,14in K+N w/ cold air...
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    New computer, tranny rebuild...

    Hi, guys, Thinking about picking up a project GN. Here's a quote out of the ad: Quote: Heres the bad. Needs computer,motor surges at idle computor shows code 22,but its not the tps,troubleshot narrows it down to connection at computer or computor itself.You also get the shop manual(4...
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    Where to find decent TR's for best prices?

    Hi, guys, Hope this is the best forum to post this in? I'm looking to buy an inexpensive TR/GN to use as a daily driver until the spring. I plan on building it for low-11's at that time, so I can have some fun over the summer:). I'd prefer something with a rough exterior, as my friends and...
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    Considering buying a GN...:)

    Hi, guys, I'm considering buying a GN and was wondering if there are some sites where I can see what mods are most common for new owners. (i.e. what's the best way to spend $2k, $3k, $4k, etc. when building a 3.8T). Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. Chris