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    1967 Twin Turbo LT1 Corvette with 200R4

    Ok, who built the trans in that twin turbo LT1 C2 Vette making 900hp?
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    GN in Birmingham Michigan

    Whos parked in Birmingham Michigan right now. Nice ride!
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    Old Cobra 2 tuning help

    Ok, got a guy here (I've forgotten all my carb knowledge) that has an old 302 "Cobra 2" with an aftermarket Edelbrock 289? intake and an edelbrock 1405 carb. It ran fine on 87 but he put 93 in it and it runs like shit now. Would that be timing? Should be bump the timing a degree or so?
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    Anyone know what this is?

    I found this in my buick pile and cant remember what this is. I believe this is for the fast window mod but not sure. Anyone?
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    Need a GN banner for the garage

    I realized before I go outside the chain of command I should check here first. Anyone here doing banners? I'd rather give the cash to a buick guy first before some noname company. I know there's someone here doing banners. Sound off.
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    Mound road south today (17 Sept. 2017)

    Old guy in an 87 GN with aluminum GN rims, and ATR rear bar. Turned East on I think 13. You on here?
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    I got it. Thanks

    You can delete this thread, thanks :)
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    Converter, heads, 4" maf pipe, duttneck intercooler & more 4 sale

    Ok, moving some older Buick parts here. Set of factory heads that I never got rebuilt. Went a different route with my build. I never went over them but I was assured by the seller here that they were good to go. 95 dollars. Rear cargo coils. They look dirty but I will clean them up and...
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    GN at Milan Dragway 7 May, 2017

    Who had their GN at Milan yesterday? Anyone here?
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    Quick question about priming before starting

    Ok, we all know that when our Buicks sit in the garage for a while, that we should pull the ecm wire, fire it up for a bit to get the oil moving then reconnect the ecm and start it. I remember reading a study on engine wear analysis (by bmw maybe) that was going over the wear caused from start...
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    Connecting hose from IC to TB too short?

    Ok, when I bolted my intercooler back up & made sure everything was perfectly aligned, I reinstalled the up-pipe; I started at the intercooler & made sure everything was aligned correctly there first, then on to the throttle body. But when everything's perfect at the intercooler, the connecting...
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    Air dam not right. Anyone else have this?

    I was looking at an all original GN the other day and noticed there was a little spring loaded clip (much like a clip on nut you see that attaches our body panels) on the outboard side of the air dam helping hold it up in the middle. I thought to myself "Ahhh, that's what those cut outs are for...
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    Air dam clip question

    On a low mileage GN at the local shop I noticed that there were some little spring steel clips that were helping hold the air dams onto the body's sheet metal. I looked on mine to see if that little notch that's cut out on the air dams had those clips and they don't; and couldn't. There's too...
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    Build date on cowl tag question

    Ok, I'm coming up with two theories (all the stuff you find on google are for old cars, not ours) on our cowl tag build date codes; the 4 position code that tells year month and week - the first letter's the year, the number after that is the month, and the letter after that is the week. The...
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    Turbo Buick Restoration Pic Sticky Request

    Here's my request. Can we get someone like Richard Clark, Dennis Kirban, or any other member in possession of, or access to a 100% factory stock original car take good clear close up photos of every inch of their car for restorers? This way we can permanently post this database of photos and...
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    Internals for different power bands question

    I know about changing where your car's power can get laid down to the pavement through things like rear end gear/tire od, stall converter, turbo & turbine selection, and air/fuel ratios in first gear, but I never considered cam profile/lift/duration. I realize that you can pick the wrong...
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    Speedo driven gear question.

    My car came with a 140mph speedo overlay w/ the gear reduction thingy screwed inline on the speedo cable/transmission connection. When I peeled the overlay off and removed the gear reducer, it changed but not enough apparently; my mph is 10 off at speeds below 50 I think, and the error changes...
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    Upgraded Factory Radio Users

    Who here has a factory radio that has been rebuilt and upgraded with an auxiliary output here. I was wondering how they compared to better aftermarket units. Anyone?
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    2nd under hood light?

    Has anyone added a 2nd under the hood light by chance? I was wondering if there was an easy way to do it.
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    Odd license plate light wiring...

    I was trying to diagnose why my license plate light didn't work so I started tracing wire and find out that the little brown wire coming out of the fuse box didn't lead back into the little black 1/2" diameter plastic sheath that leads to the trunk via the driver's side frame rail, but rather it...