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    Buying alcohol

    Where is everyone buying alcohol. Is there anyplace online?
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    Stock oil dipstick

    Looking for a stock oil dipstick for 86-87, I have the tube, just need the dipstick or info on what replacement will work.
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    Flat tappet cam failure

    When I started this project I thought it was a simple fix, hoping it was only a bad rocker arm, then thought maybe it was a lifter etc. etc., now I have it tore down to complete bare block after checking a few bearings and seeing something went through it. After seeing how much damage was done...
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    Blue smoke out breathers

    What is one of the most common problems that would cause a lot of smoke to come out both valve cover breathers? I tried a new PVC valve. The warmer it gets the more smoke, when I rev it up it pours out. Motor has less than 3000 miles on it. Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    Need help identifying unknown downpipe

    Does anybody know what kind of downpipe this is? I'm first in line to buy it but I don't know much about downpipes. Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    fuel pressure dropping

    just noticed my fuel pressure is dropping to 30 psi while cruising at 55 mph.if i accelerate it will climb a few lbs.It will increase with boost. I only noticed this because i got lots of knock at partial throttle .A few days earlier i was running 22psi of boost with NO knock. . If i go out now...
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    3" test pipe

    Looking for a 3" test pipe . Please send pics and price. Thanks
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    adjustable wastegate vs boost controller

    i have always ran just a manual boost controller with a stock wastegate. I see alot of people run an adjustable wastegate. Do they both do the same thing or am i missing something?
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    Crossover donut gaskets

    Does anybody use these on stock headers
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    what oil pan gasket

    is anybody using just "The Right Stuff" with no gasket for the oil pan? Im about ready to try it unless someone talks me out of it.
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    Cam spring and button

    I just put my front engine cover on but am concerned maybe the cam button and spring came off or is cockeyed since I had to twist and muscle it around a bit . Is there a trick to check this without pulling the cover back off?
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    gm front cover seal

    is the seals the same on a gm cover and an aftermarket even though the gm seal goes in from the backside? thanks
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    Rust free doors wanted

    i live in ohio and will be driving to florida soon so i can pick them up on my way back home. Must be rustfree. Or i may be willing to pay shipping too.
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    alternator only charging part time

    my alternator only seems to be charging once in a while according to my scanmaster. i took it off and had autozone check it and they said its fine. After driving around awhile my battery started dropping volts again,down to 10.9 then it might go to 14 for awhile. It has a new NAPA battery. Does...
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    the sound of a turbo spooling

    hey guys, let me start out by saying i am very hard of hearing. i just got these new hearing aids that are great. The problem now is when my turbo spools up i can hear noises that i never heard before. It sounds like a lot of air rushing ,almost a hissing sound. I rebuilt it myself last fall...
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    pump bushing

    what would cause my pump bushing to get all gouged up in less than 200 miles? Its only on one side of the bushing. i just got a new pump and torque converter from CK and want to make sure i dont ruin it too.
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    motor balanced with flexplate?

    i purchaced this car in pieces in 2007 with the motor half built. i finished putting it together and it runs fine.It does have a very small vibration. On the engine reciept it says balance assembly $215.Now im having transmission problems and ordered a new pump and torque converter from ck...
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    finding previous owner using vin#

    how can i find the previous owners name with just a vin # ? i am getting ready to buy a wrecked 2007 truck but would like to talk to the previous owner first.thanks
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    non adjustable WG vs adjustable

    Currently i have a non adjustable wastgate and use a manual boost controller to achieve 16 lbs of boost. Now i am adding alky and wondering if i should add an adjustable wastegate or just turn it up with the manual boost controller. I always wondered why use an adj WG if i have a boost...
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    nice rust free doors

    looking for a nice pair of rust free doors. send pics with price and location. thanks