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    question about running a 245/50/16 tire?

    Hey. Im in the same boat in that I ran 255-50-16s on the rear. Michelin Pilots. I cannot even find that size made by any company in a 16 anymore. Ive laid off this car for years and cant remember my wheel sizes. Will measure soon. Can you please advise as to what worked for you? Thanks
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    Recommended Vac. brake booster

    Hi. i got rid of powermaster awhile back. I got a junkyard cutlass vac booster and it went bad pretty fast and now hisses with pedal on and has little assist.. I replaced the check valve which was already ok. Last time i went down track the brake lights came on while at WOT..i guess boost was...
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    RJC headgasket instruction

    Sorry to be lazy, but couldnt find exact instructions. I have ARP head bolts and some gaskets but no instructions Im thinking 90W gear oil /teflon thread sealant and 75 lbs this correct? Thanks
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    WTB one RJC head gasket

    New, that is...Anyone? Thanks
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    Re-using RJC gasket after leak

    Hi , I got a coolant leak at rear pass side and into #6 cyl. Ive got RJC gaskets, with about 3k miles on them. I retorked to 77 ft lbs and barely got a squeek outta the upper rear bolt upon a re-tork. Im pulling head and wondered if anyone knows if gasket is reusable and if so, how to buy the...
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    Advice on leaking intercooler

    I have a Duttweiler 18 row stretch IC and it leaks in 3 places ...Iwhere the tubes mate to tanks. I think all is aluminum. Is there any way to get this fixed like at a radiator repair place...rare to find those now. I imagine aluminum to aluminum is hard to weld. Thanks
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    Looking to buy a cam sensor

    Just please let it be in good shape and i dont need the cap. My cell 205 914-0545 Rick in Alabama Thanks
  8. T sensor caused this

    Ive been chasing a tip in stumble , and low end balk. I can get a timing light and watch the timing jumping up..jerking around. I have a code that says timing hi/low...i think code 24. It happens after motor is warmed up. I have tried everything and today just disconnected cam sensor after...
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    Timing varies

    Car, only sometimes runs terrible especially at low speeds and load. I looked at damper with a timing light and sure enuff, the timing at idle/off idle is jerking around. Timing mark pops counter clockwise every few seconds. I figure this is ppotentially dangerous if it happens in
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    Auto zoned! Gimme my Perf friction pads

    Lifetime pads, so they say. This happened on my 94 fbi Caprice awhile go to replace your Perf Friction pads, and they dont find them in their computer. I pushed the issue back then , and got my replacements. So its time for my GN to get new pads, and they dont find them at all in...
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    Weak brakes after vac install

    I did the vac install, re bled, have no hissing and the assist feels fine, just have harder time stopping and pedal goes lower than it should. Also, while at drag strip the brake lights were on a few times all the way down 1/8 mile. Car also pushed thru and red lights sometimes at 8-10 lbs...
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    Recommended O2 sensor?

    Sorry to ask such a basic question, but my computer is about to crash and searching was locking it up. Anyway, Every now and then, i get a huge back fire under WOT. I figure it may be my Delco o2 sensor as it isnt old, but it has had a few gallons of race gas past it. Also, car has a light...
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    Im tired of the false 93 octane here

    I am convinced that most stations here in Birmingham...probably the Southeast, are diluting their 93. I have my TLplus WOT spark timing set to 6. That should yield 3.3, 6.6 and 10 deg of timing pull up the rpm band. Nice power robbing setting. But today, which was cold, it pinged with...
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    Sporadic dead battery out of the blue

    Good battery and charging system. Can go for months and be ok, then overnight, battery is totally dead. Years ago I would be woken up by the fan turning on. (freakin poltergeist) So I disconnected fan delay relay. I double checked that it is still undone, and it is. Can the power antennae...
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    varying fp (fuel pressure)

    I havent many miles on car lately as its just become drivable after a year. I was charging AC with hi idle (things wer toasty)and notice that fp was 22!! So that was like 28 line off. I set it to 45 per the translator/extreme chip instructins and it varied back down. I remember this happening...
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    firing order for Type-2

    I got the Type-2 module/coils from a 1988 Ciera. I put it on and almost brokestarter when cranking. My 94 Regal has a 3.8 so i tried that firing order which is 1-4, 5-2 , 3-6 starting at coil closest to the terminal plug. Can someone help...thanks.
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    Reason for loose feel on hiway romp

    At over 40 or so car seems to have a tendency to kick left on a romp. It would happen suddenly and only underr power. I found that a bushing was loose in the control arm socket. Its been replaced once and was still in good shape, but wiggles freely in the arm. It was the front upper arm PS...
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    9 milliamp drain at radio.

    Hi guys, It is the 2 wires that have their seperate plug below the antenna plug. I guess it is memory. It is drawing 9-10 milliamps and my batter is drawing down. Is that excessive ? Thanks
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    Aftermarket header panels

    After losing out on 4 different header panels for sale (always was late to the buffett), i am probably going to buy an ebay part. I found them at : Derby auto parts at $115 and MCHP for $159. They say there are no fitment issues...does anybody know if theyre to be avoided? It sounds too good...
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    Parts from my 87 gn

    All parts are in good working condition. Shipping/paypal additional. Thanks for looking LT-1 MAF $50 .oo9 (42.5) injectors and testa chips 93 octane and race $88.00 2.5 downpipe -offer 2.5 Testpipe-offer stock crossover $34 Power master delco rebuild kit (it is the...