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    New here and to GN's

    Welcome to the dark side! You have definitely came to the right place to learn about GNs Lots of helpful & knowledgeable people on the site Very nice looking GN you have. I really like the wheels & stance. Props! Thanks for the pic of the rear of the Mustang. Never saw the back of one...
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    1:18 Turbo Buick collection for sale

    Just received the Blk/Slvr Molly designs 87 GN today. Car was just as described, it was shipped when he said it would be & I had it in a couple days. Great communication also, which is a major plus. To those who are leary about the Money Orders & not having PayPal. I had ZERO issues!! Thanks...
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    1:18 Turbo Buick collection for sale

    GNvsTA, do you still have #8003. 87 GNX Black for $110? Thanks. Sorry about the double post. My post from yesterday didn't come up to start with. I thought it didn't post. Lol
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    1:18 Turbo Buick collection for sale

    GNvsTA, do you still have the 8003 87 GNX ? Thanks
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    Power Injection Idiot light?

    I know this is a very old tread. I found it by looking for the best place to put the Alkycontrol on light. I have a 86 GN with the digital dash which also has the orange & yellow lights. Could you tell me what the bottom one is for? The top one on my car comes on under full boost. Or so it...
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    MAF Translator Bracket

    This is a neat setup. I am looking at how to mount my Translaer now. I found this looking at your gauge pod. Also very nice! You are the man! Thanks for the pics.
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    Best place to mount a boost gauge.

    That looks good also. I've never saw that set up before. Thanks for the pic.
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    Best place to mount a boost gauge.

    That looks good, thanks for the pics!
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    Best place to mount a boost gauge.

    Hey guys, my GN has a digital dash. I'm trying to decide the best place to put a aftermarket boost gauge. I was thinking either the A Pilar or the space between the T-tops. Does anyone know any pros or cons for either? Pics? I kind of like the T-top space for the stealth part, just not sure...
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    87 Grand National in Finland

    Welcome to the forum! You have came to the right place, lots of very knowledgeable members on here. Congrats on your car, it looks great. I bet it runs good in that cold air. I would betyou do have the Northern most GN. Very cool to know one is there. Peace!
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    New Member from Raleigh NC Area

    Welcome Seth! Great looking car, love the color & stance. Wheels look perfect on it. Props! I'm in NC also, about 20 min NW of Mooresville. Do you by chance know how much & how it was lowered? Thanks
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    Central IL fun in the sun

    I'll 2nd that. I have a sticker under the hood of my Iroc that's says the same thing. Lol. Very true statement!!
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    This is probably a dumb question but,

    Thank you, I found it. I was looking in the wrong place. Lol
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    This is probably a dumb question but,

    I clicked on my name but, I don't see where it says signature.
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    This is probably a dumb question but,

    How do I make it where when I post on a tread it tells the specs on my car? I see them at the bottom of post a lot but, can't seem to figure out how to do that. Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Awesome!! Congrats on your find. I'm sure they will be in a good home. Thanks for sharing the story & the pics.
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    Dyno Pull at RCG = 453hp at 24.5 psi

    Nice! can someone tell me the mods on this car please??? Thanks
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    what state are members in ?

    Catawba, NC . About 20 min NW of Mooresville. AKA, Race city USA
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    New combo pics

    Very nice car Sir! Would love to see a video of it going down the track or street! Always loved the TTA's just haven't been lucky enough to get one. Lol Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app