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    DVD Burning

    Hey guys, I finally stepped up in the world and bought a new DVD burner for my PC. I am fairly good at computers, but I'm NOT versed on the file types, etc necessary to burn DVD's so they will play in a regular home theater DVD player. How do I, say...burn a movie that I had in a file on my...
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    Music file conversion ??

    Is it possible to convert an MPEG for example to an MP3? I have a music video file that I'd love to be able to listen to in the car and wanted to simply have the audio in either MP3 or WAV format as I have both capabilities on my head unit. Thanks!!
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    OT-Data Recovery Question

    Ok, here's the deal. Running an AMD based system with XP Pro. Downloaded the SP2 a few nights ago. System ran like crap, yada yada. Decided to delete SP2 after reading about trouble with it from others. Rebooted and it wouldn't boot to Windows. Screwed something up bad. NOW...the drive shows...
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    Free Credit Reports?

    Anyone know of a web source where you can run a FREE credit report on yourself WITHOUT needing a CC? Thanks :D
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    OMG This is friggin funny part II

    Otherwise known as "The sh*t" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A couple of weeks ago we decided to cruise out to Ryan's Steakhouse for dinner. It was a Wednesday night which means that macaroni and beef was on the hot bar, indeed the only night of the week that it is served. Wednesday night is also...
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    Missouri GN Owners

    Anyone from Missouri come through Sedalia this afternoon? Had a sharp GN behind me that I had never seen before. MO plates, 17-18 billet rims and the Moster tach/shift-lite combo to the Right of the dash. Just wonderin' if you were a regular here.
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    Help with Downloaded Movies

    Anyone know what to do with a dolwloaded movie that comes in vcdc format? It un-rars into two folders named CD1 and CD 2. Each folder is just a bunch of assorted WinRar files. I'm lost :confused: Anyone??
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    Trouble with JBL 1200.1

    Disclaimer: No, I don't have a TR anymore...but you guys were always cool to me in the past, so I thought I'd run the problem by you all:) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bought a JBL 1200.1 off eBay a few weeks ago, and after a two-month long install, finally got all the final connection done this evening...
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    Audio Control stuff FS/FT

    Hi all, I bought a like new (used as a display neverinstalled) Audio Control EQX that I'd like to trade for a like-condition Audio Control EQS. If interested in the EQX outright, I need $150.00 pluss 10.00 to ship. Thanks, Mike
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    Red's XP Pump info needed

    Hi all, I just got done replacing the pump in my car with a new Walbro 340. Car was running OK but the fuel gauge was acting up and I had no proof exactly "which" pump was in there, so I did the swap. The seller of my car told me it had a Red's XP pump. Does anyone have any info as to what...
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    Change chips without removing ECM?

    Anyone make something similar to a thumbwheel that allows the chip to be mounted in a remote location out of the ECM? Maybe a connector with a chp on the chip end and a recepticle on the other the chip could be swapped without pulling the ECM out, or having to leave the ECM hanging out of the...
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    Alternator/Charging questions

    Looks like the alternator is going. Using a DVOM on the back of the alt, it shows like 10.8v and about that at the battery. What do you guys recommend as a replacement? I have Autozone, NAPA and O'Reilly here locally. Would having the stocker rebuilt be a better choice? Any way of having to...
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    Code Throwin' Question :-)

    For all the gurus here: Why would my car, all of a sudden out of the blue, throw a code 13, 23, and 34 all pretty much at the same time? I know what they mean individually, but is there perhaps a correlation between them all three going at once? Was just cruisin down the street, most likely...
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    What to expect with new mods

    In the last week, I have done quite a bit to the car, and overall, I'm not sure what I should expect in regard to the way it runs. I went from a fairly stockish combo, to the following: TE 44, PTS FMIC (3" piping) plus adding a Scanmaster, AutoMeter EGT, and a bunch of other stuff too...
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    WG Rod length

    Hey all, Can anyone tell me real quick how long the wg rod should be STOCK? Also, where should I measure it at? Just installed the new TE 44 and I must have extended the rod too long when hooking it up to my stock elbow, now the car won't boost :-) Imagine that! LOL! I use (for the time...
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    Great Translator Info

    FYI, for anyone with questions about the MAF Translator, I ran into this link: If you've all already seen it, then disregard ;) Makes it all very easy to understand.
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    Hey Bruce :-)

    Hey Bruce.. Just checking to see if you got my E Mail at the shop today regarding the TC order. Give me a private E Mail if not and I'll fill you in. Thanks :cool:
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    Tach Mounting

    Hey guys~ I know this has been asked a million times, but upon searching, most of the links to pics are bad, so I need some new ideas. I bought a new 5" white faced Auto Meter tach and needs some ideas. I need to know how most are attaching the tach to the (r) of the speedmeter pod. I'd...
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    Mechanical Oil Pressure Gauge ??'s

    Hi all, I recently ordered a Pro Comp Oil Pressure gauge from Summit to replace the old VDO's that were in my car. By mistake, they sent me the mechanical one instead of the electric. The VDO is electric. Question is: Where do you all get your oil feed from, and what size fittings are...
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    Paging Bruce :-)

    Hey Bruce~ Just checking in...I ordered a 9-11 convertor last evening online and wanted to make sure you guys have record of it. Shoot me an E Mail or reply here and let me know you got it :)