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    LBC - Palm Harbor & Paninis - Lutz & Cars and Coffee

    Hey tampa area folks! Ive been crusing lately to LBC in Palm Harbor (monday nights) and Paninis Bar and Grill in Lutz (thursday nights) to stretch my cars legs. These are local cruises put on by Floroda Street Scene . Haven't seen any other Buicks. Does anyone in the Tampa area ever go to...
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    GNXJohn Positive A+++

    Bought some stock T wheels from GNXJohn to put some drag radials on for the track vs running them on the street. Excellent communication, quick to respond, fast to ship, tracking number as well! Smooth transaction! Will buy from him again. Thanks!
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    Xflatrater positive seller!

    Just bought a radio from Xflatrater, great seller! Quick shipping
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    Eminem - Trump Rant

    So...taking the politics COMPLETELY out of Eminem's rant video about Trump...hell turn the sound off. Gotta love the SWEET GN in the background tho!!!
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    RC Components Rims

    Anyone see these or running these? Curious to the quality... I'm looking for a new style drag set-up vs. the Welds.
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    1/64 for Sale? JL's?

    Heyyooooo! Looking to add to my collection of 1/64 GN's. I have almsot every Hot Wheels and DUBs and want to purchase some Johnny Lightnings. I have looked at ebay but looking more for a bulk purchase. Classic Golds, Guns & Roses, etc. On Card is required...nothing loose. Also looking for...
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    "Dada's Car...vroom vroom"

    Start them young!
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    Removing Emblems

    I know this topic has been beat to death, really just a quick question. I have an 87 T and want to remove all the emblems (hood, trunk, Regal on rear quarter) only leaving the "T" on the front fender. Are all these attached with just tape/glue or are there any posts attaching them? Thanks...
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    Excellent Seller!!! Very positive feedback. I recently purchased an 87 T from him and the communication about the car and the sale could not have gone smoother. If he is selling any cars or parts in the future, I would highly recommend him. Very trustworthy seller. Ky
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    hemco race plentum, good or bad?

    i just recently bought a hemco race plentum, and i am some mixed emotions on whether to put it on or not. i have heard some stories on people picking up, and people who have slowed down with this product, please give me some info on it. my car currently sports a built motor with a 206/206 cam...
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    hot rod power fest

    just a thought. anybody going to be racing in the up and coming EFI classes at moroso? the efi classes are a great place to the turbo buick to shine. i won this class three years ago and walked away with a nice piece of cash. there is a 13, 12, 11, and 10 second dial in classes and i think it...