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    MSD Crank Trigger set-up

    Still have it still have this?
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    MSD Crank Trigger set-up

    Still have it come and get it! still for sale?
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    smc - how fast to install and tune?

    ! I have installed both, just did julio's kit yesterday took me some hours because I'm an IDIOT:tongue: . But having done both I will say that Smc is easier to install but Julio kit is better(in my humble opinion) customer service is great with both. They both work excellent
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    No problem Thanks to all who responded, this issue is CLOSED:D
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    New Tow Vehicle!

    This is what I will be towing my car to the track with, 2008 3500 diesel this is what 660 ft lbs looks like!:D P.S I'm in love;)
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    Ordered parts from them, going on a couple weeks now no response to e-mail and you can't call them. But that website Takey the Money Real Good, it works perfect. The same day I also ordered for Cottons, Fullthrottle and RJC everything came that week. I going to give it a few more(10 business)...
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    Need a roll cage!

    Got a cage! Ask and thee shall receive,a new friend of mine did this for $900 and it was done in three days!! Thanks to all who contributed :D
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    3.5-4 inch stainless single exhaust....anyone?

    4 inch exhaust Here a video of that Jack Cotton exhaust that some might say is cut up junk! But it's true 4in and it fits great. MajorBoost is a friend of mine he means well and has a hellava car, but he's right there is a lot of misinformation here just, try and weed through the BS.:)...
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    Need a roll cage!

    I live in Ohio a friend needs a cage installed in a regal ASAP anyone with info let me know. Thanx in advance.:cool:
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    Local Car Show

    car show few more pics! The one pic the hemi challenger had 10in lips on the rear wheels!!
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    Local Car Show

    car show more pics
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    Local Car Show

    pics more pics!:biggrin:
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    Local Car Show

    Local car show here in Cleveland just thought I would share the pics had some really nice cars didn't nearly get all of them!!
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    Snow Storm (Cleveland)

    Few pics I took while snowplowing this past weekend in Cleveland Oh.It was really bad pics don't do Justice!! Main street here, I stopped and took these pics 6 stranded buses just within this one city block:eek: . 6 ft snow drifts Complete transportation shut down @ one point for about 12 hours...
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    My T-Type Vs. Skyline (R33)

    SWEET! Car's
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    Let's see those Limiteds!!!

    87 limited Almost done, motor sounds vicious getting it painted and the interior done will post video and finished pics sooner or later:biggrin:
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    Transformers the movie

    Just saw it tonite @ 8:00 pm it was real f@%*ing good, a must see it's not suppose to come out till tomorrow but I was able to see it today somehow go check it out well worth it!!:D
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    MSD Crank Trigger set-up

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    Let's see those Limiteds!!!

    New toy Just got this one My buddy gave me an awesome deal (thanks again DAYWALKER)NO RUST, sweet motor just needs to be finished;)