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    86/87 Performance parts for sale

    All parts are barely used ( under 1000 miles ) and in like new condition. All prices include shipping to the lower 48 states. Buyers responsible for PayPal fees. Thanks for looking, Kyle. 1) TT 42lbs flow matched injectors $165 2) TT 5.6 street chip for 42lbs injectors $50 3) TT 5.7 street chip...
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    Today’s 87 GN value ?

    I have a 87 GN with just over 50,000 miles that has mild bolt-ons in my sig. The exterior is a 9 out of 10, the interior is a 9.5 out of 10 and the engine bay is 9 out of 10. The car runs and drives great. My question is: How much is my car worth and is it worth more in stock trim ? Thanks for...
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    Which line lock to buy ?

    I am going to install a line lock soon and was wondering which line lock to buy. I am looking for a quality and reliable unit. I was leaning towards Hurst but during my research Scott from GNS mentioned he had issues with them and no longer uses them. I know back in the day Hurst was the one to...
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    How to install flash file update for ScanMaster G ?

    I got the updated flash file from Bob, PL051.s19. but I don’t know how to install it. Does anyone have instructions to so. I did a lot of searching on the net but could find anything. I am not a computer expert but can follow step by step instructions. Thanks for your help, Kyle.
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    Bob Bailey extreme chip ?

    I have a Bob Bailey extreme chip for a different combo can I get this chip upgraded to my new combo ? If so who do I send it to ? I know Eric sells these chips but doesn't give the option to send in an old chip like he does with his TT chips on the order form. Thanks, Kyle.
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    rear tire suggestions

    The BFGoodrich Radial TA's I have on my Buick are 11 years old now but only have 3,000 miles on them, when I spool up the turbo they break loose real easy. I am looking into getting new rears is there a better gripping tire out there now that come's in 255/60r15 ? Thanks, Kyle.
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    Still having some oversteer

    I am thinking of swaping out my rear Kirban cargo springs for some Moog 5379 and replacing my rear Bilstein shocks to KYB to help with my oversteer issue. I know the Bilsteins are rated at 360 psi and KYB are rated at 280 psi which should help some. I can't find any info for the spring rating...
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    Monitoring oil temps ?

    Over the years I have been wondering what my oil temps are, since I don't run the stock or any oil cooler. I have read a lot of threads where some say it's nessesary to run the stock oil cooler or after a machanical failure a external cooler. Then some don't think a oil cooler is needed at all...
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    oil drain plug size ?

    Anyone know the oil drain plug size to a stock 87 GN Thanks
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    PTE up pipe for PTE SLIC

    looking for a 3" PTE up pipe for PTE SLIC in good shape with no dents or issues. Thanks, Kyle.
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    ATR 3" stainless cat delete pipe with dump

    looking for a ATR 3" stainless steel cat delete pipe with dump in good shape with no dents or issues. Thanks, Kyle.
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    Stock GM oil pan

    I am looking for a stock GN oil pan with no dents, rust or issues. Thanks, Kyle.
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    42lbs Injector's and Razors Alky ?

    i did a search and nothing came up. How much boost can you run with 42lbs Injector's and Razors Alky ? Thanks for your reply, Kyle.
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    To Race or not to Race ?

    The car is a 1987 GN with t-top's, I purchased the car from the original owner,in Nov 2004 with 48,328 miles on it. My intentions were to not only make the car do well in the 1/4 mile but to also make it handle on the streets, I wanted the best of both worlds. I slowly built the car but it had...
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    Monitoring oil temps ?

    I am wanting to monitor oil temps so I am looking for info on how to accomplish this. Pictures of installation, parts list and part numbers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Kyle.
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    Ticking noise above 2200 rpm

    I been trying to diagnose a ticking sound ( like noisy injectors ) for a while now that starts atbove 2200 rpm. It is very pronounced when sitting inside the car under a load. When under the hood reving it passed 2200 rpm all I hear are the injectors. The car runs and idles good, I did a search...
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    Street chip / Race chip ?

    Other than the amount of boost, higher octane fuel and more timing is there any other differences between a Street chip vs Races chip ? The reason for this question is my car doesnt feel as nearly as fast as it was with my old setup running 19lbs of boost and current setup in signature below...
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    WOT fuel and 1st gear fueling ?

    I read a post a while ago and it stated that when you add WOT fuel ( par 1) that you should subtract the same amount of added fuel to 1st gear fueling (par 2) from the default settings (128). Example: adding 7.0% (137) to WOT fuel ( par 1) you would then subtract 7.0% (119) to 1st gear...
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    Looking for a Reputable Shop experianced in TR

    I am looking for a reliable, reputable shop experienced with TR. Where do you CT natives bring your cars ?
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    87 GN stock oil pan

    I am looking for a 87 Buick GN stock oil pan ( no dents, no rust, ect ) in great shape. Thanks Kyle